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TOYOTA AQUA |World Net Rent-A-Car

Time flies, half a year has already passed since the start of this year.

The hot days still continue in Hokkaido,

it is the best season for beer? or ice cream. (#^.^#)

For customers thinking “On such a fine day,

I want to drive a Hybrid car once in a while!”,

we introduce TOYOTA AQUA.


Subdued black car body♥

We prepare a white and dark red-colored cars.

If you are lucky, you can rent the desired colored car???


The steering wheel is the unique feature of hybrid cars?

I like the Company Logo of TOYOTA.


There is a car equipped with the cruise control device.

If you can find this shown above, you will be lucky???


We have a question like “I can’t turn on the engine??” (>_<)

This is the state of turning the engine off.   (+_+)


Please take note of this?

When the 【READY】 is displayed, it means the engine is on.

If you become accustomed to riding on the gasoline car,

you might be impressed by the silence of the engine sound. (^^♪


The shift lever is different from the Prius,

the design is close to the one in the gasoline car.

For the Hybrid car beginners,

there will be no problem. (^^♪


This is the trunk room before folding down the back seat.

You can put one large suitcase,

so you can put more souvenirs in the empty space.  (^^♪



For customers having own cars or thinking of buying a new Hybrid car,

please enjoy a comfortable drive with a hybrid car

of World Net Rent-A-Car which is different from a gasoline car.