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To the World of Clouds, UNKAI TERRACE|World Net Rent-A-Car


I had no chance to introduce this place until yesterday but…

Finally, I can let you know this place!

Unkai Terrace, where can be seen wonderful scenery of sea of clouds at Hoshino Resorts Tomamu!



I heard that Unkai(sea of clouds) has the 40% chance of occurrence,

and it was 3rd time visiting for me…

Also forecast said, there is chance of some rain from afternoon,

so I didn't expect much…

But please check the Unkai below for this day


It was 4:40 am at the gondola platform,

a lot of people were already waiting…


Let's go!💗


Sunrise in gondola.

Sky was also blue and clean.



I can see the clouds!


And finally!!

I met this wonderful Unkai!

I'm glad to be able to introduce this awesome sky😊


Not only the view on the deck, there are more attractions called 'Cloud9'.

Among them, I highly recommend this Cloud Bar that is very new attraction opened in the summer of 2019.

It can be felt like sitting in the sky!



Cloud Walk is able to enjoy the Unkai from different view points while taking a walk.

Also, don't miss the photo spot where you can take fantastic pictures of Cloud Walk!


Cloud Pool, the giant hammock designed as the cloud is

one of famous photo spot!

Always, even the weather is bad, many people stand in line for taking a picture at here.

Your feet may fall through the holes in the rope,

I recommend sneakers that cannot be taken off easily.


After I looked around, I came back to the deck where is placed Tenbou cafe.

It is a world up to the clouds, the most closest cafe from the heaven.


You can get some drinks or some postcards what would be good memories at here.

Unkai Terrace is situated at the mountains which located at an altitude of 1,088 meters from sea level,

so usually it gets cold,

but on this day, the temperature at the summit was 17℃!

I ordered cold drink💦


Unkai Soda is a special drink that is enjoyable blue soda with cotton candy together!

The cotton candy on top becomes sugar because of soda,

and falls into the cup as if the clouds turn into rain


If you want to bring your memories to home with a special way,

I recommend to buy a Unkai Postcard and send to your home by this blue Unkai Post.

It can be sent to anywhere in the world without a stamp.



With rental car, you can get Unkai Terrace without staying!

How about enjoy natural beauty and fantastic phenomenon of Unkai with World Net Rent-A-Car?


Unkai Terrace

住所:Naka-Tomamu, Shimukappu, Yufutsu, Hokkaido

Open Period:from May 11 to Oct 14, 2020

Open Hours

A Season May 11 ~ May 31]  5:007:00

B Season June 1 ~ October 14]  5:008:00(Except C Season

C Season September 1 ~ September 30]  4:308:00

Last ride up


Gondola fees

Adult(age 13 and over) \1,900

Child(age 7〜12) \1,200

Pets \500

Guests staying at Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu or Hoshino Resorts Tomamu The Tower are free of charge.