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The most common traffic violation in rental cars|World Net Rent-A-Car

The summer is coming in Hokkaido!

We have many reservations for summer season,

so if you want to rent a car reasonably with World Net Rent a car,

please make a reservation as soon as possible!


As there are many cars running in Hokkaido during summer season,

we get many reports of traffic violations.

Today I would like to talk about,

"What if you violated traffic while renting a car at a travel destination?

so please read along with the blog I introduced before and make it a fun trip!



Do you know what is the most common traffic violation in rental cars?

The answer is…………


1.Parking violation


3.Stop sign violation


1.Parking violation

I have introduced before,

If a violation sticker has been affixed to your car


you have to go to police station for reporting, 

and you must pay the penalty JPY 15,000 for parking violation

and JPY 18,000 parking/stopping violation.

Please use the parking lot of tourist facilities or Pay Parking Lot…


It means parking lots where only those with a contract may park.

Parking here is strictly forbidden.


Don’t leave the car unattended to go to another place

at the parking lot of convenience stores!

As the owner is watching carefully,

In case that the car is towed or have to pay for penalty due to parking violation,

the cost of the towing fee or delivery fees or penalty must be paid by customers.



You might want to speed up on Hokkaido's wide roads and highways.

However, since this is directly related to an accident, be sure to follow the limit.

In addition, the compensation system may not be applied

to accidents caused by traffic violations, such as speeding.


3.Stop sign violation


If there is stop sign, please stop for a few seconds,

check the safety on the left and right, and then leave the car.

Please make sure of pausing to prevent accidents in advance.




To prevent accidents in advance,

and to do not pay a fine for a pleasant trip, 

please make sure to drive while following traffic rules!