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The method for installing the child safety seat as useful information to choose a car class|World Net Rent-A-Car

The weather in Hokkaido has been cool in this week.

The seasonal rain front finally moves up to the Kinki and Tokai Region.

But if the rainy season ends, the summer season is in full swing.

So, some people might be thinking about spending a good time in the cool environment of Hokkaido??

For the trip in childhood, all memories including good(^○^) or bad(>_<)ones still remain in our memories as happy ones.

Of course, the trip by the Public Transportation is fun, but if you have a small child,

due to the different environment, your child might suddenly cry and you care too much about other people think… You might have had the situation like this??

However, if you use a rental car, you can reduce stress??

So, this is a must-see for customers having a small child !!

Can you prepare for the child seat on the rental car?

⇒Of course, we can prepare for it if you ask for it at the time of reservation. (^^)


How much space does the car have if I put a child seat?

⇒Well, well, it sure is. You might be thinking about the car class according to that. ( ..)φ

For those who have such a question, we install a child safety seat as an example of the actual use.

This is the example of how to install a child safety seat in the compact car of S class. Please refer to it for booking.


First of all, a child seat.

One of the backseat is occupied,

but there is space to be seated comfortably

by a family member next to your child. (^○^)

IMG_0267 (2)_R

Next, we will introduce the baby seat. (^^)

The seat can be installed in the opposite direction by turning its back on the seat.

There is space to sit by one adult and put your luggage. ♪




How was it?

Please refer to it when you choose the car class. ( ^^) _U~~

By the way, if you feel uneasy about the installment,

our staff will show you how to install a child safety seat.

So, please don’t worry about it.

Alright then, it makes your trip perfect in Hokkaido by renting the child safety seat.