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Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park|World Net Rent-A-Car

I'm preparing for the winter by taking out the electric blanket I put in the drawers

and checking the heating equipment…🍁

As Hokkaido has quite a bit of temperature difference,

if you come to Hokkaido in this week, please take care of your health such as colds😷

I am trying to take vitamin C consciously by eating mandarin oranges🍊🍊


This time I visited Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

for seeing the autumn colors before it was late🍂🍂


And I'm going to introduce part of them!

Suzuran Park is part of very wide mountains and forests,

so there are entrances and parking lots in many areas.

And I entered from Chuoguchi Entrance(central entrance).

Also, admission tickets are required when re-entering at other entrance,

so please keep it safe😁😁


“Country Garden”

that you can see right from the central entrance.


It was wonderful view that full bloomed kokia flowers✨

Most of them became red, that makes special in this season.


Blue sages

It is written on the website that the best season of them has passed,

but it was still beautiful.


Maple leaves became autumn colored so amazingly💖

It was a nice choice that visit during momiji Matsuri (Autumn Leaves Festival)😊😊


Why don't you enjoy autumn leaves with waterfalls together🍁🍁

It is very recommended the Free Entrance Keiryu Zone for visiting some waterfalls!

(Unfortunately, the above picture is created waterfall)

It is good to seeing sight and walking in nature, but…

when visiting here with children,

let's go to Kodomo no Tani(Children's Valley)👍


This huge slides inspired by lava

are what you get surprisingly thrilling experience in high as possible

For your safety, please wear a helmet, it is prepared together🙇🙇


Fuwafuwa Egg 

that is cushion reflecting the image of the huge egg

which appeared on the green grassy plain suddenly


When I passed to a secret back road that was maybe not even on the map…


A flying squirrel…?

That light (or shade…) changes position in a few seconds!


Lovely Pinball game!

The score is uncountable, but I had a lot of fun with it😅😅

Instead, various sounds can be heard from where the ball rolls🎵


I walked a little more and went to the east area of Takino no Mori Zone!


The Mori no koryukan center is a place where you can experience various things

such as making a lease (reservation required).

Since it is a place that can be used for breaks etc.,

I got a map only for Takino no Mori Zone when I entered🗺


The staff told me that this place is beautiful right now,

so I visited to "Nezumi no Michi"🐀

And I was able to meet wonderful maple trees as I got a recommendation!


Let's enjoy the maze of mice🐀🐀🐀


A lot of acorn have been found all over the place🌰🌰

It will be foods for animals living here,

so it is forbidden to take them away🚫🚫


There are other places where you can enjoy cycling, fishing, etc.,

and many events such as Halloween event that will be held soon.

In winter, you can enjoy the great nature of winter with various activities

such as ski slopes and walking skis!

Why don't you visit with a car of World Net Rent-A-Car

in order to go around the very large park efficiently!