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Well, after spending last June having no national holidays,

In July there will be a Japanese national holiday called “Marine Day”.

in August there will be a Japanese national holiday called “Mountain Day”.

Some people might be looking forward to the next national holidays since the Golden Week.

(Actually, I am the one who are looking forward much more than anybody else.. )

I am thinking of going on a hot springs with my friends this year.

Moreover, it is likely to be fun to go to sacred power places…

I am always thinking why it is so fun to plan a trip.

Whether a hot springs trip or sacred power places trip, you need a CAR, right?

For the customers who use our rental car for girl’s trip,

As you can turn in a small radius, so it is very easy to drive in an unfamiliar road.

「It has the ease of handling, but the design of the car is cute. (^^)」

We will introduce the popular car, SUZUKI Hustler. (^_-)-☆


This CUTE design and Pop color must be favorite for girls. ♥

Other than the pink color, there are many variations of the color like blue,

green, yellow, and orange.

Even if it is mini-car, the car height is high.

So, it is one of the recommended points.


The meter is very simple and easy to understand.  (^_^)


The interior is based around the color white.

The pop color is nice. (#^.^#)

USB connection is OK for this car,

but if you are lucky you can rent a car with Bluetooth.

So, you can enjoy music with wireless.


The right button   【Seat Heater】to heat up the driver and passenger’s seat.

The center button  【Hill Decent Control】It enables to run down the hill

at a constant speed and so on,

there are lots of functions to assist the safe drive. (^○^)


If you turn up the back seat ,

it is like that as you can see in the picture. (^^)

The material is made of plastic,

so you can wipe off dirt. (^O^)


We put one suitcase.

If the size of the bag is the same as carry-on baggage,

you can put two of them easily.


If you fold down the back seats, you can get wider space like that. ♥

If two people travel,

that will be fine to fold down the back seats. (^_-)-☆


It has the S-eNe CHARGE,

which is the greatest appeal of this car,

the motor assist function to realize improvement of fuel consumption

with the assist of the engine with a motor after staring the engine in acceleration.

In addition to its good design and operability (you can turn in a small radius!!),

it has good fuel consumption.

If you are travelling in a small group, Suzuki Hustler it is. (^O^)