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Venison Dishes in Sapporo, "SLOW DOWN"|World Net Rent-A-Car

*Before reading this posting...

When you visit here, please note that the master in this pub is only speaking Japanese,

and all the menus are written in Japanese only.


Japan has developed a lot of Game(Gibier) cuisine,

and the most famous gibier food ingredient in Hokkaido is Ezo deer.

In Hokkaido, Ezo deer hunting is possible for a certain period of time

(October 1 to January 31 of the following year, it depends on the habitat and area),

and there are several restaurants that serve venison meat that hunted by licensed hunters.


Since I found a gastropub that mainly sells venison cuisine at Susukino,

so I would like to introduce it to you.


SLOW DOWN」, Venison and Oyster specialty bar,

is located 5 minutes walk from Sapporo Susukino station.

There are only 12 seats includes 1 table,

so making reservation is recommended.


I already decided a menu before entered it,

but if you are not, you might be confused for a huge variety of menu.

I think about 1/3 of the total is on the photo…


It’s the opposite of the usual order,

I ordered alcoholic drinks since I was very interested in Otoshi here.

*What is Otoshi? It is the cover charge includes a small appetizer when you order alcoholic drinks.

The cover charge will still be charged even if you don’t need a small appetizer.

It served Cream scallops with cracker, homemade smoked Camembert cheese,

and venison liver pate with baguette.

It was just 500 yen(excludes tax), so reasonable but tasty.


For a little more appetizer, I ordered Venison Sirloin Carpaccio(small size).

With grind horseradish and sauce,

I really surprised that it didn't smell even venison meat and so fresh.


These menus are only 500 yen as Venison Carpaccio that I ordered.

If you want to taste a variety of dishes in small portions,

please refer to the menu above.😊


And, this is the main menu, Roasted venison meat with grilled seasonal vegetables.

It was already seasoned with salt, please try it without any sauces at first bite!

Then, enjoy with the black pepper, Wasabi, and onion sauce to suit your taste.


It was chewy but soft, and characteristic smell is almost zero.

It has low in fat and highly containing irons, but delicious and tasty meat.

Also, grilled Hokkaido vegetables had a seasonal taste and sweetness.


"SLOW DOWN", highly recommended those who want to enjoy Ezo deer meat.

Also they offer good quality seafood menu too!







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4-2-11 Minami7-jonishi Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 064-0807


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Sun, National Holiday: 14:0022:00 

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