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Sightseeing in Hokkaido ~Sapporo Autumn Fest 2019~|World Net Rent-A-Car

Have you ever heard that it is easy to gain weight in autumn?

Yes, it is true😆😆

Especially in autumn of Hokkaido, there are so many delicious ingredients and foods,

so it is to hard to lost my weight…💦


When traveling, local foods are one of the best part!🍴

"Sapporo Autumn Fest 2019" is a food festival

where you can enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices

using ingredients from Hokkaido!


I may not be able to introduce everything even if I visit everyday,

but let me introduce some of them to you this time!


"Sapporo Autumn Fest 2019" has held in Odori Park which is located center of Sapporo🎉

It has been started since 6 September, 

and this time, it will be held for 24 days!!

Operating hours is 10:00 – 20:30 (last orders at 20:00)

that we recommend to visit little early for enjoying enough😊😊


There is even a hand washing place?!🙌

Soaps and hand dryers are all available,

so please clean your hands before entering(it is free!)

It is also recommended to look around from here

because it is located on the 4 chome of Odori park which is closest to Odori subway Station👍👍

(The area around Odori Park is a no-parking area.

Please visit it after parking nearby coin parking or your hotel.)


The main event of 4 chome is wine bar selling wines in Seicomart

which is convenience store company in Hokkaido only. 

Surprisingly, you can enjoy it from 250 yen for glass of wine, and 350 yen for food🍾


What a reasonable price menu!

All the menu look so good and tasty…


What I chose is, churrasco sandwich using Hokkaido's meat🥪

It was so good with chewy bread, and grilled meat well😋😋


I could get the tapioca milk tea with black sugar

Chewy texture of tapioca and special sweetness of black sugar was making me couldn't stop😍


On 5 chome, all the Ramens are 700 yen

Please enjoy the famous Ramens from all over Hokkaido🍜

I chose Miso flavored Ramen from Otaru!

It was so tasty and delicious🥢


You should get this ticket for ramen on 5 chome,

and this ticket can use only for the shops on 5 chome.


The theme of 6 chome is, harvest bazaar🌽🥦🍄

It is a place to gather where popular restaurants in Sapporo,

and one-handed snacks that are perfect for visiting the venues.

Especially they are using autumn ingredient, so please enjoy the seasonal taste at here!


And what my choice was,

Croissand Catalana✨✨

It was a cold catalana in a warm croissant.

Not only classic flavors like chocolate, matcha,

there were unique flavors like banana, hojicha for a week!


It was a BAR for theme of 7 chome, 

it way selling so many kinds of wines and Sake in Hokkaido🍸🍶🍷

And also many foods enjoyable with alcohols.


The white wine what I chose was, able to get only 1 day when I visited🍸

There were menus daily special

that you could enjoy even if you visit it many times.

Scallops with sea urchin was also very nice😋😋


8 chome was Hokkaido Market

Towns more than 100 in Hokkaido have prepared foods from their town.

All the signboards are showing the name of their town and location in Hokkaido😊😊


This creamy and juicy oyster was came from Shiriuchi cho!

It was so famous shop for both menus that steamed Oyster and Oyster pizza!


The shiitake mushroom came from Nakashibetsu cho was able to enjoy 2 types of flavor

that cheese or butter with soy sauce.

The cheese on shiitake mushroom what I chose was, 

so fresh and flavorful and good combination with cheese🧀


10 chome with meat theme!

On 10 chome, the smell of grilled meat will tempt you.

Beef, pork, and even lamb,

meat lovers must visit the place!


I ordered a double steak donburi with A5 grade Hokkaido beef🥩

I could enjoy it for less than 1,000 yen.

I didn't want to eat and make disappear it in my mouth but it was melted…🍖

On 11 chome with creator stage, 

you could enjoy famous chef's cuisine at an affordable price

and chef's lineup changes almost every day!👨🏼‍🍳🍳


I sat in front of the fountain with atmosphere

Casual French cuisine under the blue sky😊😊

It was used beef, fish and cabbage in Hokkaido🐂🐟


The last dessert was Melon bread soft icecream!🍈🍦

It was full flavor of melon in my mouth.

Wow…but I had too much…



It was real food festival for foody😊😊

I tried to introduce many foods until limit of my stomach,

but I know I couldn't introduce even 1/100…💦💦


Why don't you go to the Sapporo Autumn Fest that will be held until the 29th of this month,

along with the new and affordable cars of World Net Rent-A-Car!✨✨