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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Walking in Otaru the 2nd Part|World Net Rent A Car

Thank you for waiting!

Following the last posting,

this week also I will introduce Otaru where is full of enjoying places!


I think, most famous souvenir or dessert shop in Otaru is


There are 6 shops in only Otaru.

It has very good taste cake shop,

you can try sample, and you may buy a lot of souvenirs✨✨

You must eat the best one of LeTAO, which is Double Fromage!🧀🧀

It's so soft, creamy cheese will be melted in your mouth…

I ordered combo with Black tea, it was also so flavorful☕☕

It is, strawberry mille-feuille, which is limited only LeTAO Pathos.

Plenty of custard cream and sweet and sour strawberries🍓🍓,

crispy mille-feuille dough🍰🍰

It's a sequence of words that makes me happy…

When you go to Otaru, let's go to the music box museum!

The steam clock in front of the main building of the music box museum

informs you time with melody and steam every 15 minutes🕑🕞

When you go in the museum,

various music boxes may catch your eye.

There are teddy bear type of music boxes…🧸🧸

music boxes with a luxurious piece on it💎💎

and music box for teapots from all directions.

Surprisingly, melody flows every time you pour it!🎵🎵

But, if you don't want pre-made one,

we recommend YUKOBO

which is for experience of DIY music box making.

It is placed the opposite side of main building of the music box museum.

By choosing music, and parts,

you can make a music box which is your own design!💖💖

When I visited before, most of parts were made of glass,

a lot of wooden parts were also added this time!

However, it takes time to select in too many parts,

so it is recommended to visit with time😊😊

Not only glass studios, such as candle studio🕯🕯,

you can meet many kinds of handcraft things.

You can also experience candle making at this candle studio.

If you don't experience it, they are still selling a lot of cute candles like this,

and there is cafe on 2nd floor,

it was a place with good smells.

Speaking of Otaru, you should go to here.

Otaru Canal✨✨

At this season, color contrast of red brick warehouse and white snow

makes beautiful sight.

Also, it is nice that night view of Otaru Canal, 

why don't you go and check it directly

For the dinner, I visited 「Naruto Honten」nearby JR Otaru station🍴🍴

And I had most popular menu, the fried spring chicken combo(若鶏定食)🍗🍗

Chicken fried with soy oil was very juicy and tasty

It is also recommended for people who are not good with seafood!

But it is too large size, if you want to just taste it,

let's go to TARCHE in JR Otaru station✨✨

This is a shop that collected special products of Hokkaido.

And there is Naruto-ya where you can buy fried chicken for taking away

and a piece of fried chicken,

so why don't you going on your way back?


How was the report of Otaru I introduced over two weeks?

As Otaru is a lot of good things,

if you are worried about the luggage that you bought will be heavy enough,

and also worried about standing and moving for a long time!

Why don't you go with a car of World Net Rent-A-Car

to enjoy of Otaru?