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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Walking in Otaru the 1st Part|World Net Rent A Car

Since entering of march, it's getting warmer in Hokkaido,

the snowy mountains which had been blocking the road is getting smaller and smaller,

it's getting better to drive.

It seems that spring is almost close to Hokkaido☺


For Cherry Blossom Viewing in Golden week, Hokkaido is strongly recommended🌸🌸

You can still make a reservation at the latter half of Golden week

which is predicted to be in full bloom!

There are already days that fully booked,

please make a reservation as soon as you can!!🚗💨💨


This time, we introduce so popular Hokkaido sightseeing spot,

Otaru which is good to going on Golden week!


This time I used JR、let me introduce to Otaru Station first.🚃🚃🚃

I was going on early morning, but it was so crowded in JR,

there was no seat from Sapporo.

Next time I will use a car definitely.👍👍

At the Otaru station, it is very famous welcome bell🔔🔔

It was used to inform the arrival of trains from Meiji era until abound 1965.

You can ring the bell actually, please try it🎵

I didn't have a breakfast,

so I had early lunch🍴

Bread is better than the songs of birds🍡🍡

As Otaru is famous of sushi,

you can enjoy very fresh seafood in here,

so I went triangle market(Sankaku Market)

where is placed on the left from Otaru station🏃🏾🏃🏾

If it was before meals, I'm so sorry🙏

I ordered rice bowl with 3 fish toppings you can choose from a selection of 10,

which is called WAGAMAMA DON!

It was a lot of fresh crabs, sea urchins, and salmon roe😋😋

It is included small miso soup for free of charge,

but staff said,

「If you pay 300 yen more, you can change it to Crab miso soup」,

I ordered it also!

It is hard to understand in the picture,

I was really surprised like 「Is this really only 300 yen?!」

because of full of crab meat...🦀🦀

I had eaten too much already

To digest what one has eaten,

I visited the place where it was said to be Wall Street in the north before.

Here is

Former Dai-Ichi Bank, Otaru Branch,

and you can experience that 「let's hold 100 million yen!」💰💰

But, Wednesday when I visited was regular holiday…😂😂

And, Otaru BINE which is placed on the opposite

that is renovating the building used as the former Hokkaido Bank head office

and now it is a restaurant where you can enjoy wine and authentic Italian cuisine🍷🍝

The buildings which renovated like this

is creating a unique atmosphere of Otaru😁😁

Now, Otaru is a town of art,

especially handcrafted glass crafts stand out.

It is also one of the Otaru historic monuments renovated😊😊

As a town of art, snowman is also special☃☃

Lovely cat snowman welcomes you✨✨

This is what you can only enjoy winter❄❄

Among them, there was snowman who is together with nature…🌲🌲

and a tremendously huge snowman also!

I was able to meet many other snowmen✨✨

As I walked to this place, I had a little hungry(already),

I went to「Kamaei」nearby🍥🍥

We can also factory tour and taste sample,

and there is cafe that can sit and eat kamaboko(fish cakes) bought here.☕

I had a wiener roll

which is factory direct shop limited item that I can only buy here.🌭🌭

It was delicious with cheese which I didn't expect!

For dessert, I ordered lavender icecream corn of snoopychaya🍦🍦

It's a take-out menu, but there is a small bench and heater in the shop,

so I sit there and had all😋😋

Usually I'm a person who order ice coffee in winter so I don't care,

but there are warm corn soup and soup curry which are good for this season😍😍

Not only snacks, there is a restaurant

for a lot of menus which are inspired with snoopy characters!

Also, souvenirs are substantial,

there are things you can only get at the Otaru store,

so please check it💖💖


That's it for today

There are more attractions of Otaru for introducing,

please look forward to next week✨✨