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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Scenery of Shakotan|World Net Rent-A-Car

I thought last week was not much hot, and good weather,

suddenly some flights canceled due to the heavy fog on the weekend

I heard this week will be good weather,

but temperature will also be higher together,

please take enough moisture to travel!


As I told last week,

today's topic is beautiful nature and sightseeing spots in Hokkaido, 

the second part!

I am going to introduce Shakotan,

which is the place that I strongly recommend to take a rental car

and to drive while enjoying the beautiful sea!


The Scenery of summer in Hokkaido.

Blue sky, Blue sea, and green nature🌾🌾

Among them, to going Cape Kamui

where you can meet the beautiful blue sea also called Shakotan Blue,

 it is necessary to move about 2 and a half hours from Sapporo by car.


After you park your car at parking lot,

to going to Shakotan Peninsula you should pass through to


(女人禁制の門 * Gate that women used to be Forbidden to visit Cape Kamui)

Of course even women can pass now😁😁

This gate could be closed depending on the weather (rain, strong wind),

but it was so good weather when I visited❤❤


After passing through the entrance,

you can take a walk the Charenka Path while enjoying the beautiful sea🚶🚶


About 770 meters from the female-forbidden gate,

you could see the beautiful sea of Shakotan Blue color

and Kamui rock, a symbol of Cape Kamui.


There are no places to avoid the heat, and many hills.

When you visit here, I recommend easy walking shoes👍👍

But you could see wonderful viewing!


After you went back to the gate, 💦💦

please try to Mint flavor ice cream which is colored Shakotan blue.

It was good to enjoy the ice cream

after walking the Charenka Path and sweating🍦🍦


If you want more closer to this sea,

please go to Shimamui Coast(島武意海岸, しまむいかいがん)✨✨

It is about 20 minutes by car from Cape Kamui

and the view from the high point is also great but,


the Shimamui Coast is a long way down to the bottom,

so you can see this beautiful sea in front of you.

It is beautiful but it is a stone coast instead of sand,

so please be careful when walking⚠⚠


Probably?I met a nudibranch🐌🐌

It was so cute moving little by little💖

The water was so clean, and clear,

I could see into the sea😀😀


You can also meet such a wonderful scenery on the way to Shakotan after passing Yoichi✨✨

With the rental car, if somewhere wonderful place appear,

you could stop the car and look around.

Please make great memories with unexpected spots😊😊


The summer of Hokkaido, full of exciting attractions, is far from over!

Why don't you rent the clean car of World Net Rent-A-Car

to make a lot of fantastic memories🚗🚗