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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Sapporo Beer Museum|World Net Rent A Car

Last week, Sapporo had a day when the temperature would rise by nearly 10℃,

I thought spring came to Sapporo~🌸🌸

But suddenly a heavy snow has fallen and going back to white winter…❄❄

The weather continues that we can't feel relieved💦💦

If you will come to Sapporo this week, we recommend bring warm clothes.

Also, Always drive with great care and with possible dangers in mind.


So, this time is,

very recommended spot especially the last day of Hokkaido trip

because there is limousine bus to go New Chitose Airport✨✨

We introduce Sapporo Beer Museum

which is within walking distance from Sapporo sales office!🍺🍺



This is the only beer museum in Japan,

you can learn about the history of beer.

There is Sapporo beer garden next to museum,

many people come here

to enjoy together with Genghis Khan(a style of lamb barbecue),

a soul-food in Sapporo🍖🍖

Let's go to reception💨💨

You need to go here first for the museum

and Sapporo Beer Garden where you can eat Genghis Khan!

You can enjoy a tour for free,

but this time I joined premium tour✨✨

Guided tour for 500 yen, with tasting😁😁

It is also prepared of non-alcohol beer for the driver.

I could hear a lot of explanations

from the history of Hokkaido reclamation to the tradition inherited to Sapporo Beer.

In the lower right of this picture,

beer barrels signboard at the establishment of the brewery

“If you make with wheat and hops, it will be liquor called beer”

is written…

This signboard is also reproduced in front of the museum😊😊

At first I thought that it was some kind of secret code😅😅

because it reads in the direction from the upper right to down↙.

A beer named black label, but it is not dark beer🍺🍺

The label was really black,

so the name given by the customer became the real name‼

The hops harvested in August last year at a farm managed by Sapporo Beer company,

which also has a commitment to malt and hops that are important when making beer,

actually I could smell it🌾🌾

Unexpectedly, it was not smell like beer… 

Sapporo beer's posters able to feel history

Have you ever seen any design of poster among these? 

After tour of history,

there was time of tasting that I look forward🍻

Left is Sapporo black label, right is Fukkoku Sapporo-sei Beer.

This Fukkoku Sapporo-sei Beer is not selling, 

and available only to Premium Tour participants,

a lot of customers used to return a car at Sapporo branch of World Net Rent A Car,

and walk to here 🏃🏃

Chandelier of star hall at 1st floor for tasting✨✨

Did you notice that?

It is using real beer bottles 🍾🍾

She explained to us how to make a canned beer tasty.

I couldn't sample it, 

according to a person who tasted by winning the rock paper scissors✌🖐✊,

he said,

✨totally different taste, so creamy bubble foam and shocking impressions!✨

After guide tour, I went souvenir shop.

Of course there is beer also!

If you cannot drink because of driving,

you can also buy beer delivered directly from Hokkaido factory,

and reclaimed beer,

please try it at Hotel or home💖💖



This week is introduction of beer related,

but Sapporo beer museum is placed

that you can take a limousine bus that able to go New Chitose Airport,

or can go by walking about 15 minutes from the Sapporo sales office!

Why don't you make a plan of Hokkaido trip with World Net Rent A Car?