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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Road trip to Muroran|World Net Rent-A-Car

Recently in Sapporo, although it is June,

there are days when it needed to use the stove🌂🌂

and there are days when the air conditioner is needed to turn on,☀☀

since the temperature difference is really intense.

With rental car, you can enjoy your trip more comfortably🚗✨✨

This time, I introduce hidden Hokkaido sightseeing spot

which is not most famous in Hokkaido, but still very wonderful!

It is Muroran, that is famous town of dolphins and whales watching🙋🙋



I think it is most famous view of Muroran✨✨

The blue panorama of the Pacific Ocean

and the white Chikiu cape lighthouse are moved me🌏🌏

When you staring the endless Pacific Ocean, you could find to see a round Earth.

If you have luck, you could see dolphins and whales 🐬🐬


There is a「Bell of the happiness」、it is also famous to taking picture at here with sea view.

Please ring the bell with the person you've visited with🔔🔔


It was public phone box shaped Earth before,

but now it has changed to good photo spot😊😊



Speaking of Muroran, of course I need to say for this Hakuchō (Swan, 白鳥大橋) Bridge

It makes to reduce the time for going to Muroran, 

you should cross this bridge especially when you using rental car🚗🚗💨


I recommend to stay Mitara Muroran which is roadside station also✨✨

There is display room of Hakucho bridge on 2nd floor, 

you could see various information such as Bridge structure and history of completion.

On 1st floor, there is souvenir shop of Muroran and Hokkaido,

and they are selling foods looks so delicious.


It is Yakitori(grilled chicken skewers) which is very famous in Muroran🐷🐷

...but it is actually used pork instead.

A long time ago, when chicken was expensive, some people made it using pork or beef,

and this old style cuisine is still in Muroran.

There is Yakitori-don or Yakitori-bento for lunch, please try it! 


As for the dessert after lunch, I had ice cream made of quail eggs famous for Muroran😋🍦

If you are curious of it what is different of using normal chicken eggs and quail eggs,

why don't you visit muroran with rental car👍👍


Hot summer is coming, so let's go to Hokkaido having nice weather and good nature.

Please check this World Net Rent a car's blog,

and if you plan to trip with rental car,

please make a reservation as soon as possible!