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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival|World Net Rent A Car

The forecast blooming date of cherry blossoms in 2019 has announced

As usual, it will be fully bloomed most beautifully at Golden week in Hokkaido🌸🌸

↑This is the Shin Hidaka-cho

where is the place of blooming cherry blossom at a straight line of 7 km😊😊


Because it could be enjoyed Hokkaido trip with beautiful cherry blossoms,

it is increasing number of reservations to depart during Golden week.

If you have a plan to drive with clean vehicle in Hokkaido,

we recommend to make a reservation as early as possible🚗💨💨

Also, we have prepared to using rental car on Golden week with most reasonable price

if it will be made during February.

If you have a plan to use rental car in Hokkaido on Golden week,

as hurry as possible💨💨


Now, I introduce Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

which takes 60 minutes from Sapporo, and 40 minutes from Chitose by a car. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


Actually it is very famous sightseeing place, so there are written by 6 languages.

This is winter Hokkaido, the half of signboard is already covered by snow…❄❄

It is paid by cooperative fund of "300 yen per adult" at the admission.

And, you can get postcard and discount coupon of 100 yen

which can be used at the shop in a festival square

if you pay 300 yen for cooperative fund.

If there is so freezing,

let's take a break with warm drink in resting place…☕☕

Ice objects were made by sprinkler using water of Lake Shikotsu.

It is enjoyable color of natural blue during daytime,

and delighted illumination by colorful lights at night✨✨

With using different natural materials and colors,

each object creates an entirely different atmosphere🌿🌿

It was so fantastic and I felt like I was in another world💗💗

There was like this place🐟🐟

Are they caught by fishing at Lake Shikotsu…??

This is Hyoto shirine⛩

I felt it was very mysterious shirine made of ice.

If going inside…

Many coins with a wish of a lot of people were stuck at the ice,

not in the offering box.

It was totally one object…

If going outside, there is slide for kids💨💨

It's made all ice, so I recommend warm clothes!

It was looked so fun, but it might too tight for me…(´_`)

There is hours riding activity!🐎🐎💨

It was 1,000 yen for a lap around.

don't you cold at outside…?

He was gentle and looked at me so kindly💖

You can enjoy like this view at the night.

Objects illuminated by colorful lights are very different from daytime,

Why don't you visit here directly?



It can be re-entry with above postcard,

I came outside from venue and visited Lake Shikotsu visitor center.

There are a lot of various exhibits to nature of Lake shikotsu,

it's good for warming your frozen body.

Also, you can use rest room in this🚹🚺

You can get an explanation of the history of Shikotsu in many languages.

There are equipped with 3 monitors, you could watch video

even if there are a lot of people😀

Lake shikotsu is caldera Lake which is made by volcanic eruption🌋、

so there are few fish species that have been living from the past,

others seem to be carrying cultivation with fish species bringing in.

So, the fishes in the picture seem to be banned from fishing

except at a certain period…🐟🐟

They are also introducing plants and birds

which are living in forest around Lake shikotsu.

When you push buttons which are placed under this tree,

you can hear each bird´s chirpings🐦🐦

It was so popular for children!!, so I just heard next to there😄

The difference of stones caused by volcanic eruption🌋

can also be felt directly by touching,

why don't you check it together!


How was the report of Festival in Lake shikotsu

which is an ice-free lake in most north of Japan

It's close from Sapporo or Chitose,

why don't you enjoy Hokkaido winter festivals

with clean vehicle of World Net Rent-A-Car?