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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Farm TOMITA, Shikisai-no-oka|World Net Rent-A-Car

It's time to travel to Hokkaido the most💖💖

This time, I visited a lot of beautiful nature and sightseeing spots in Hokkaido,

so I would like to introduce it to you!


And today, I am going to introduce Farm TOMITA,

which is getting popular and so many people visiting in there🌷🌷


There are many people who go here by rental car especially when summer✨

I think it has representative image of summer Hokkaido.

With blue sky, and purple flowers, there were many women who were taking selfies.

(including me…)

I felt the scent of lavender from anywhere,

I needed a lot of time just to take a walk slowly😊😊


They are selling many souvenirs,

and the most popular thing was, the lavender oil🌺🌺

It seems to be useful for deep sleep and relaxing.

I bought a bunch of fresh flowers that I thought probably owed in the morning💐💐

And this dry bouquet at home reminds me of the day I visited here when I look at it.

(Please note that it is not possible to take flowers out of Japan.)


At here, the most popular food is, this lavender ice cream🍦🍦

Some people don't like scent of lavender food because they feel it like cosmetics,

but it seems that many people can enjoy it.

For me, of course it was delicious😋😋


 And there are selling cut melon which is very sweet and juicy!🍈🍈


The most popular flower is lavender,

but you can also see flowers other than lavender😍😍


Please enjoy the beautiful nature of Hokkaido!🦋🦋


I also visited Shikisai-no-oka🌼🌼

Because the flower fields change color with each season,

other seasons have a different nature view.



It was quite wide and sloped,

so you can use Norokko <tractor bus>, buggy, and cart,

not only walking.

Please enjoy the flower garden in various ways🌸🌸



If you want to enjoy summer Hokkaido with lots of beautiful nature,

please make a reservation a rental car now!

There are still cars available for reservation in August,

but the number is limited! 🙋🙋

In this summer, why don't you have fun with rental car of World Net Rent A Car?🚗💨💨