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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Biei・Furano|World Net Rent-A-Car

It's getting warmer in June☀️☀️

Since weather was so good, I really wanted to go out when my day off!🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

So I came back with introducing recommended sightseeing spots in Hokkaido!🚗💨💨

I introduce sightseeing spots of Biei and Furano

especially for customers who will rent a car from Asahikawa Airport sales office!✨✨

(But even if not, it will be still good enough place.)


 Each places are located about 30 minutes~an hour away by car,

so I strongly recommend to rent a car.


At first, I visited Blue Pond(Aoiike)

which is famous for wallpaper of Apple Inc.!

It was very blue, just like someone mixed with paint🌈🌈


The blue color of the water and the fantastic view of the dead trees

are actually more impressive if viewed directly than the camera.

Recently, construction has just finished, and a large parking lot is completed,

so I recommend you to visit with the rental car❤❤


The Shirohige Fall which is placed 5 minutes far from Blue pond by a car is,

one of the sights of the Shirogane hot spring resort that can be seen close to the river of the cobalt blue

that the groundwater that has leaked from the natural rock flows down.

The water of the blue river seen from the top of the bridge

has a natural beauty different from that of the blue pond.


Biei with lots of famous「trees」🌳🌳

Among them, I visited a seven star tree that became famous for being used for cigarette packaging.

Since nature view is so fantastic, it is signature of Biei that a tree becomes so famous😀😀


Don't worry, there is a parking space.

But the field next to tree is private property, so be careful not to enter it🙏🙏


It is Ken & Mary Tree🌲🌲

It is poplar tree which became famous for TV commercial.

 The field next to tree is also private property, I took this picture from little bit far away.

It seems that it is often thought that it is a single tree, but actually two trees stand together.

And you could see that it is two trees in this picture😊😊


Not only famous trees,

Biei has such a beautiful scenery of the countryside,

and there are many wonderful places.

It is highly recommended for those who want to have a relaxing break

when you get into a rental car and a favorite place appears.


I also visited Campana Rokkatei, which is Furano branch of Rokkatei

that is famous sweets shop in Hokkaido😋😋

There are many shops in Hokkaido and you can also buy it at the airport,

but there are also products only for this Campana Rokkatei limited

and the scenery surrounded by vineyards was wonderful🍇🍇


I heard that sweets made by grape are delicious in here!

So I ordered grape ice cream of limited sweets which you can only taste here🍧

It was very flavorful and tasted like drinking grape juice.


From now when the grapes fruited, you'll see wonderful view🍇🍇

This year's Campana Rokusai will be open until November 4th,

so in the coming summer, please visit here with our rental car🚗💨💨



Biei and Furano are popular for visitors,

as the Hokkaido scenery continues,

but the traffic is a little inconvenient if you don't use a car.

If you plan to travel to Biei and Furano,

why don't you visit with the clean and reasonable rental car of World Net Rent-A-Car!