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Shaved Ice perfect for summer!「Kōri Dokoro Sayuri」|World Net Rent-A-Car

Entering July, I'm worried about the weather getting hot.

Today's introduction is "Kori Dokoro Sayuri",

where is a dessert shop that is perfect for midsummer and you can eat delicious shaved ice.

Shaved ice shop is very rare in Sapporo, please check it together!


Only 10 seconds by walk from Exit 1 of Hosui Susukino Station!

From Exit 1, please walk to the path on the right.

The store is on the second floor, and there is a small signboard on the stairs.

Go up the stairs and enter the front door.

It seems that many chairs were prepared for people lined up last year,

but to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection,

reservation has to be done in advance.

We recommend making a reservation at least 2 days before.


Bar style kitchen


The handwritten menu seems to be changed regularly

depending on the inventory of handmade syrup.

I look forward to another menu when I visit again.

(There is no English menu😭)


This is what I ordered, ICHIGO MILK(Strawberry milk)🍓

Very sweet strawberry syrup with condensed milk made it good at the last bite.

Ice like snow melts quickly, so you should take a picture as soon as possible😄😄


Can you see the seeds of strawberries?

After I ate all that, they gave me a cup of hot rooibos tea.

If you need something cooling in this hot weather in Sapporo,

how about "Kori Dokoro Sayuri"?



Opening hours:11:30〜15:30


Closed during the winter season (October to March).

Address:Sakai Building 2F

1-5-5 Minami4-jonishi Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido