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The Golden Week Holidays have started!✨✨

For making good memories of trip to everyone,

all staff are trying to do our best,

but please give yourself plenty of time for your plan.


This time, we introduce Nissan Serena

which is very popular under the WA class vehicle

for family trip with comfortable in leisure season of Hokkaido!🚗🚗


Nissan Serena is made for a family car

with full of minivan concept(BIG, EASY, FUN) ,

so it's good for family travel😁😁 

Both sides of sliding doors are good for children

when they get on/off the car

or when there is a lot of luggage 👍👍

This is the driver's seat.

With leather steering wheel looks more great⤴⤴

The shift knob is located center console,

and to the right is the engine start button.

These rails (?) will be making various seat arrangements for Serena✨✨

2 row seats are able to super-long slide and slide to side!

 Arm rest of 2 row seat you can see can be move to driver's seat, 

and you can use it for console box.

By making independent 2 passengers seats,

it could be comfortable even if long distance driving💖💖

It won't disturb you to see rear side windows even if folding up the 3 row seats.

Of course, it could be space for luggage of family trip📦📦

Not only the driver's seat and the passenger's seat

but also the USB port in the second row and the third row each has a total of four each,

so you can get the power for your smartphone📱📱

It is dual backdoor which can choose two opening ways to open big or small.

Even if it's not fully open, it's 🆗

if there is about half the open / close space of the back door.

It works especially when the distance from the back car or the wall is close. 👍

When you open the floor board,

there is hidden space(?)😮😮

You can use it in the storage space as it is,

or you can put luggage at a height of up to 1483 mm.


How about the Serena which will be good partner

for trip of Hokkaido where is very WIDE area?

Why don't you make a plan of Hokkaido trip

with rental car of World Net Rent A Car?