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Delicious Gyoza and Zangi「SAPPORO Gyoza Seizosho」|World Net Rent-A-Car


Today I would like to introduce you to places

where you can eat delicious handmade gyoza(dumpling) in Sapporo!

Also, it is a place that many reviews said, "In fact, Zangi is recommended.",

it will be good for lunch, or drink beer with gyoza and Zangi.




This time I went to the Satsueki BRIDGE store,

which is in the right next building to JR Sapporo station.


This is the menu that stood in front of the restaurant.

(If you ask them, they will give you an English Menu)

I also wanted a single dish of dumpling and beer, but it was still lunch time...

Maybe next time😅


I chose Seizosho Teishoku meal.

It is a set of 2 large dumplings + sauce Zangi.

* Zangi is fried chicken seasoned with soy sauce or ginger. It is a soul food of the people of Hokkaido.


There are Lunch time limited menus!

I would try TKG zangi menu next time.


The behind of the menu explains how to eat more delicious.

I only dip into vinegar when I eat dumplings,

and I was very happy that the SAPPORO gyoza seizosho uses Murayama Zousu's vinegar in Kyoto.

It is said that the Chidori vinegar tastes best with their gyoza.


It is a Seizosho Teishoku!

First of all, I was very surprised at the size.

The dumplings, zangi, and bowls were all huze,

you may not be able to feel the size in the photo...

You can choose the amount of rice(large, medium, or small) at no additional charge.


Close-up only dumplings and Zangi

It was juicy dumplings and crispy Zangi!


I was hard to express the size in the photo,

so I put it on top of the rice~

I want to eat again~😋


Dumplings and Zangi can be taken home!

I sometimes take and eat it at home.

It was an introduction of the SAPPORO gyoza seizosho recommended

when you want to eat delicious dumplings or Zangi in Sapporo!




Address:5-1-12 Kita 6-Jo Nishi, Kita-Ku Satsueki Bridge 1F, Sapporo

Opening hours 11:00~23:30(LO23:00)