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Finally, I can introduce this car to you!

Toyota RAIZE, which became the number one seller

for Kei/compact car category in both January and February 2020,

and the number one seller in the SUV category in March 2020.


As it is a all-round SUV, RAIZE is a car that meets the needs of many people.

We have prepared RAIZE guaranteed plans on the website,

let's check it together!



As RAIZE is a compact SUV, it is easy to drive in Japan on a narrow road,

but it also has a large space in both of the back seat and luggage compartment.

And currently, it is a model that shows a huge sales volume in Japan.


It is a vehicle that combines the design of an angular and powerful shape,

a 5 number car*, and a 5 door condition that had not existed before.

The size of the RAIZE is 3,995mm in length and 1,695mm in width,

making this compact size one of the appeals of this vehicle.


  *It is how to classify a car according to vehicle size and engine displacement in Japan.

Generally, a 5 number vehicle is smaller than a 3 number vehicle and the tax is cheaper.

The front view also expresses the presence of SUV.

This dynamic design will make you want to drive the car.


The top grade 'Z' has LED fog lights added to the front and rear.


Specially designed 17-inch tires and wheels are standard equipment in Grade Z.


RAIZE was developed as a compact SUV, but it has a very large interior space.

Even when riding for 5 people, it doesn't feel narrow,

and it is a comfortable space for long distance driving.

The red color point used on the front seat is dynamic and luxurious.


By adopting the horizontal design, it has high visibility both front and rear.

A genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel is standard equipment for the "Z" grade.


Also, it has LED digital speed meter and 7 inches TFT color display monitor.

You can select how to display from 4 patterns in your favor.


The space between the front and rear seats is 900mm wide,

and the upper space of the back seats are spacious.

You could sit comfortably in the rear seats without feeling cramped.


The volume of boot space is 369L, which is the highest capacity among the compact SUV class cars.

The car boot space, which has sufficient space for both width and height,

can be used to fit a large amount of luggage even when using the rear seat.

The luggage board divides the space into two levels for carrying luggage.

A lot of luggage can fit under the luggage board also.

When you fold the rear seat,

a flat, stable, large space appears

from the back of the seat to the luggage board and hatchback door.


Toyota RAIZE that is perfect for Japanese road conditions and various needs.

If you would like to specify this car that is currently showing plenty of sales and want to take it,

please hurry up and check out the webpage of Worldnet Rent-A-Car!

Reservations available here.

※ Currently available only on Japanese pages.