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We answer your questions for a rental car in winter!|World Net Rent-A-Car


Half of September has passed.

The weather is getting cold, sunset time goes faster,

autumn will be changed to winter soon.


Also, it is a season to getting a lot of inquiries about renting a car in winter!

We decide when to switch normal tires to studless tires depending on the weather every year,

and this year we plan to start switching it from the end of September!



Requests of studless tires(snow tires) in October, November's rental

As we plan to start switching studless tires from the end of September,

not all cars are equipped with studless tires from October to November.

Please contact us in advance if you would like studless tires for rental from October to November.



Snow tires(Studless tires) will be equipped with all vehicles in the winter season

In winter(December~March),

all our vehicles in Hokkaido area are equipped with studless tires

as standard equipment at no additional charge!

Please make a reservation with confidence😉



Not able to accept a request for 4WD car

As 4WD and FWD(FF) cars are mixed in our inventory,

we don't accept reservations/requests about 4WD car. We would appreciate your kind understanding.

 If there are stocks of the vehicle on your pick up day, we will try to arrange 4WD car.



No rental service to ski rack, tire chains

When the ski season coming, inquiries about roof racks are increasing.

Please note that we don't provide a service for rental it.

If you bring skis and snowboards, you need to put them in the car.

So, we recommend you to book the bigger-sized car.




Also, we got many inquiries about snow chains,

but there is no rental service too.

For more information about tire chains and studless tires,

please check this webpage.


When driving in winter, it is important to stay alert and drive safely,

whether it is a 4WD vehicle or equipped with studless tires.

If you drive in Hokkaido in winter, please keep in mind safety always.