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North Safari Sapporo ~The Second Part|World Net Rent-A-Car


It is continued from the first part!


And I went to...


Forest of Dangerous area.

I was a little excited about how dangerous it is😊😊


First of all, I met many birds.

There was a Harris's Hawk also…🦅

Looks so handsome✨✨


Standing cute owl

I understand it was time to be in bed…


Barn Owl having a unique color and face


There were a lot of lovely foxes such as the Ezo red fox, arctic fox, and platinum fox✨✨

The weather is getting colder,

so they are having all fluffy hairs💖

But is this place really a Forest of Dangerous…?


Oh, I met dangerous Tiger!

As expected, it was not closer than this.

But there is a premium experience course, please try it if you have courage!


Do you want to experience more?

Here is a Dangerous Zone in the forest of dangerous.

I noticed that it will be a true ending of this zoo…


For your information, it is not possible to enter this place for children alone.

Also, you must read the disclaimer and sign before entering.

If you are worried about this place, you don't need to go in…


I was afraid but going inside...

The first gate was for a Skunk🦨💨

Do not underestimate the liquid gushing of the skunk

But I decided to open this door…


They slept without showing their faces because it was cold…

Skunk Zone, Clear!


Next, Porcupine zone…

I couldn't believe that the last of the poor boots…

It made me feel scared…


N…no problem… He was fallen asleep also…

Let's pass by him as soon as possible…


By the way, I needed to cross this log bridge when passing by the porcupine.

If I fall…I don't want to think about what happens next.

But fortunately, Clear…!


 Next, Piranha Zone.

You may have seen the ferocious fishes in the media.


Again, it needs to be crossed a log bridge.

If my legs slipped,



When looking from the side, you could see their terribly sharp teeth.




What is this???

 I don't even know the name that makes me so terrifying.

If you are wondering what it is… please check it directly😁💦


The next, Gila monster is

REAL MONSTER having poison.

do I need to retire…?


It was very scared, especially it was written「extremely poisonous」in the outside…


I took a photo from a far distance and ran away…



The final step was, Crocodile Zone.

It is written as 'If you fall, you're gonna die'…



But it was the most dangerous area,

so I could pass the safest way.


And when I looked him from closer…

I felt so frightening💦💦


For your information, if you feel worried and frightened on the way,

there is a way to retire.

No need to be so hard on yourself


Even the snack shop, is also weird!!

They are selling some kinds of shocking snacks!

H…Help me…😱

At least it has a lot of protein…💨💨


Let's heal your heart with a cute squirrel at the end🐿

I could meet them at the event venue.

Checking event time will be recommended!


North Safari Sapporo where you can meet animals from very close!

It takes about 40 minutes by car from Sapporo Station,

but it is an inconvenience to going without a car.

With a clean car of World Net Rent-A-Car,

let's enjoy Hokkaido in winter!