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North Safari Sapporo ~The First Part|World Net Rent-A-Car


The season when it snowed in earnest has begun❄❄

The cities in Hokkaido are completely white covered with snow,

so we recommend checking information about driving on snowy roads for safety

if you are planning a trip to Hokkaido by a rental car🚗💨💨


Let's change the subject, do you like animals?

There are many popular zoos in Hokkaido such as Asahiyama Zoo…

but unlike many zoos, it can provide such a special experience where I visited this time. 🙄❔

If you are looking for a place where is hidden sightseeing spot,

or where is able to feel some thrill,

let's check the posting!


Let me introduce North Safari Sapporo

where is located a place taking 40 minutes by a car from Sapporo,

and 10 minutes from Jozankei!

(For further information about the business days, please refer to the information from here.)


There was a horrible note as soon as entering…

You are responsible for all of the injury and hurt,

please get close to animals with care.

Also, please follow the staff's instructions…


At first, I met a Giraffe🦒

It was breakfast time for him🥰

and it was really impressed for so close distance‼


I went to get closer and took a picture.

Could you feel this distance?

This is North Safari Sapporo where is having a concept of

「Interaction with animals」.

If I would reach my hands more, I could touch him…


(It is just an image💦)

But Giraffe is actually strong more than expected.

But, don't get tricked by their looking!

It would be better to look at them

without disturbing them as much as possible for safety.


At another place, there was a sleeping fur seal…

Umm, I understand that morning is always sleepy…


They had noticed me, but still looked sleepy…💤 


The freest animal in this zoo would be that ducks

They could walk those paths with people❤


When they want, they can go up to the ground through the stairs

in the lower right of the above picture,

go where they like, or take a rest.


I met so friendly wallabies in the Southern Hemisphere Area🦘

But be careful on the next day of rain (or snow)

They put mud on my clothes…😂😂

But they were so lovely that I couldn't notice!


They found a person…!

Because they came close to me,

unfortunately, I had to retire before my clothes would be dirtier😂


This day, there was an event of feeding time for seal.

I had thought they would eat some fishes on this pond…


Surprisingly!They came out of the pond!

In addition, that hand touching a seal was a visitor like us.

If you follow some rules such as not touching their face,

you can tough them softly!


In the Parrot Area, behind the Seal Pond,

I met a lot of parrots getting close to a person.

LIMITED to those who have purchased their food😂😂


But most of them didn't run far away.

They didn't want to sit in my arm😅😅

but I could take pictures from closer instead.


In the Jungle Zone…


I met sloths never moved

and a parrot sitting on his head probably without his permission…

I'm wondering he didn't care about them or didn't want to care about them…


It looks like to be arguing…

But after this picture, they seemed to make up with each other…😅


Many lizards named Red Tegu were sleeping on the way people walked.

Let's pass to next door without bothering them…


I hadn't found him at first because he was really tiny...


Toco Toucan, a typical jungle bird


and many turtles, you could see them from much closer.

When walking, you need to be careful about your head and next to your feet.

But it was such an unreal experience😊


From the other places,

cute baby goats take their heads out of the gaps and ask for rice🐐🐐


You could have a premium experience of feeding lions🦁


and hugged by a cute rabbit (?)🐇

anyway, you could have such a special experience.


If you are thinking,

it’s a unique zoo, but the park is small and the number of animals is also small...


It is not the end!

Let's go to the new beginning of the zoo!

Food court and the event venue is located by walk about 5 minutes from the exit!


Please look forward to the second part