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Fall is in full swing.

Entirely, the air has become the one in autumn.


So, it is a good season for Takikomi-gohan

(mixed rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients)

Oh shoot!

It is not the gourmet edition.

This time we will introduce our rental car.


We will introduce the recommended car among popular SUV class cars, Nissan X-TRAIL!!


Umm, stylish body.

It looks outstanding. (●^o^●)


The back style is compact and having an outstanding design.


The seat is waterproof, so if kids spill juice,

Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ! you can wipe off quickly.

It gives you peace of mind. ヽ(^o^)丿DSC00585_R

There is a selecting switch to change from 4WD to 2WD.

It assists you in driving on the snowy road in Hokkaido with ease.


The meter is an easy-to-see analog meter. (^_^)

It is a little bit hard to see…

but the present temperature will be informed as the digital display.


…By the say,

an alarm is displayed on the screen as

the driver’s seat door is opened in the case of photographing.


On the right side of the steering wheel there is the ON/OFF button

of idling stop function.


On the right-hand side, it has an ETC device.

If you prepare an ETC card, you can use expressways comfortably.


If you install a child seat in the rear seats,

it has a roomy space.

If you use it with family,

you will have no worries. (^_-)-☆


A cigarette lighter socket is in front of the parking/hand brake…


There is one on the right corner of the trunk,

That is an unique feature to X-TRAIL.


X-TRAIL never lets you down.

The huge trunk space! !(^^)!!(^^)!


You can put a carry-on suitcase like this!

You can put three of them sufficiently. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!



The view on the left side tends to be dead angles from the driver’s seat,

but there is a side under-mirror.

So, it gives you peace of mind.


It is a must-see for the customers considering driving in

Hokkaido this winter. !(^^)!

It has a rise up wiper motor function.

So, you can rise up the wiper arm easily.

By the way, firstly please turn off the engine,

and then raise the wiper lever twice successively,

it will become like the state in the picture above↑.


So, without doubt you will have a comfortable drive in Hokkaido for winter season!

At the moment, we prepare the X-TRAIL Guaranteed Model plan, so please reserve it by getting a good deal