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The famous cafe for coffee lovers in Sapporo, "MORIHICO".

The cafe where is possible to enjoy delicious hand drip coffee in Hokkaido

is in the old wooden house that changes the view from season to season.


It is close to Maruyama-park station and they have a parking lot space,

we highly recommend to visit this cafe when you come nearby here.



It is a seasonal menu, Snow-White.

It was a very flavorful cafe au lait that coffee roasted in Hokkaido with California almond milk.

Also, vanilla syrup served with coffee made taste richer.

But the taste of fragrant coffee couldn't be hidden even with almond milk and vanilla syrup.


My friend who ordered cold brew coffee said that

it was her first time taste.

She said, it has a concentrated taste, flavor and sourness,

but it was delicious without bitterness.

Also, as it takes time to drip Dutch coffee, this menu is sold in limited quantities.

I will like to try it next time when I visit again.

Double cherry blossoms mousse cake

was also seasonal special menu.

Full flavor of cherry blossoms into the mouth,

pickled cherry blossom leaves that sandwiched between the sheets was able to feel spring.


A cafe in Sapporo where you can drink delicious coffee, MORIHICO.



11:00〜19:00(Order stop 18:30)

Toward extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease,

it will be changed opening hours.


【Address】Minami 2-jo Nishi 26-chome 12-8, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Opening hours1000-2100(Order stop 2030)

【Holiday】New Year's holiday

【Parking Lot】Max 9 vehicles (Shared with the other stores)