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Now, this is definitely ❄️Frozen World❄️ in Sapporo!



This is the picture taken in front of Sapporo office.

The first snow of this year was late, I expected less snowing than every years,

but it didn't need to be worry😅😅

It will be more cold, and snowed a lot,

We recommend you wearing warm clothes

for preventing cold if you visit Hokkaido!



So, come back to the title…

We have very new! vehicle!! in SK class(light vehicle),

I introduce Mira TOCOT, which is new car of Daihatsu!

It has individuality and cuteness💖💖

The name of TOCOT is came from,

To Character,

To Comfortableness,

To Convenience,

these 3 keywords.

It's compact size and simple design,

but as designing square type makes to feel more wider inside.

It is available white and black colors.

Please look forward it which one will be assigned😊

Did you notice that?

It's hard to see, but unbelievably mileage is only 5km😲

(At 17 Dec, 2018)

In addition, big and simple speedometer is very easy to see

TFT multi information display which is placed next to speedometer

can be shown you various information such as fuel efficient by image. 

There are a lot of equipment for consideration, you could feel comfortable.

Between driver's seat and passenger seat,

there are drink holders for 2 people!

Also, there are USB ports under the GPS,

you can charge 2 smart phones at the same time.

It can be seen accessory socket together.

There is shopping hook behind passenger seat.

It is fine until3kg,

you can hang your shopping bags easily👌👌

Moreover, it is equipped passenger seat side!

It would be good for snowing day!✨✨

For passengers sitting rear seats,

there are also drink holders and door pockets both sides.

When you install child seat,

It has enough space even it's light vehicle😀

I found it when I look for trunk opening button!

It is equipped back monitor📷

It seems to be fitted 1~2 carry on luggage in trunk.

With a small number of passengers,

you can use more wider for your luggage if you fold down back seats.



There are more narrow roads for snow in winter Hokkaido⛄⛄

Why don't you make a Hokkaido trip plan

with compact and new car of World Net Rent-A-Car?