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MAPCODE for Hokkaido sightseeing spots|World Net Rent-A-Car

2020 January is almost over...

From February…a lot of winter festivals are awaiting us,

so I'm looking forward to introducing this information😊❤


Please keep looking and giving your continuous support to our staff blog.


By the way,

do you know what is MAPCODE?

MAPCODE is, numbers that digitizes latitude and longitude throughout Japan.

Even in places where address search is difficult or where there is no phone number registered in the GPS,

it is possible to guide to the designated place by entering only a few numbers.



*The operation screen may vary depending on the car or navigation manufacturer.



This time, we provide the MAPCODE of the famous sightseeing spots in Hokkaido.

If you need it, please download below.


👉👉【Worldnet Rentalcar】Hokkaido MAPCODE English


Some MAPCODEs for sightseeing spots show parking areas.

Also, for places that may not have a parking lot, please use nearby coin parking.


Why don't you make a plan for Hokkaido trip

with World Net Rent-A-Car?🚗💨💨