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Let's take a rest!Do not doze off at the wheel|World Net Rent-A-Car

Hokkaido is vast in size, and each famous sightseeing spots often far away,

so many tourists are making their plans with no spare time for looking around a lot of areas.

Long time driving with heater since outside is cold in winter...

But it makes driver tired, and low oxygen level causes dozing off at the wheel.


In many cases, the cause of the traffic accident was a loss of concentration and judgment,

resulting in an accident without being able to confirm safety.

Long time driving without rest could be big problems.


How often should drivers take a rest?

On the national roads, drivers should take a rest 30 minutes, with 3 hours driving.

On the highways, drivers should take a rest more often.

On a highway, driving at high speed during grasp the surrounding situation instantaneously,

changes lanes to overtaking lanes and returns to the driving lane with attention to the movement of following vehicles,

prompt instantaneous judgments are required.

Drivers are always concentrated and driving while keeping an eye on safety,

so they feel more tired than national roads.


Roadside station「望羊中山(Bouyou Nakayama)」


The Service areas(SAs) are generally placed at intervals of about 50~60 km,

and Parking areas(PAs) are placed at intervals of about 15~20 km.

If you feel sleepy or tired, be sure to take a rest as soon as possible.

Also, many service areas or roadside stations in Japan provide some unique hospitality,

we recommend searching for information in advance.


Local specialty food of Nakayama pass「Ageimo(Fried potato)」


“Every 3 hours” is just a guideline,

so if you feel tired or sleepy, go to the nearest parking service area as soon as possible.


Roadside station Mitara Muroran「Ice cream made of quail eggs


How to take a rest?

The time is not much important. Just 10~30 minutes break could be refreshing also. 

Stretching and exercising to relieve stiff muscles are also effective.


Drinking coffee or having ice cream is also effective.

The caffeine in coffee has a drowsiness effect, and the sugar in ice cream is an important energy for the brain.


By taking such a resting method, the driving will be safer.

Opening the windows for good ventilation while driving,

reducing the use of heating, and getting fresh air into the car can also help.



Taking rest is very important for safe driving

If you feel tired or sleepy even after driving for 30 minutes to 1 hour,

such as when returning from work or sick, stop the car at parking areas nearby and take a break as soon as possible.

By doing so, you could prevent dozing off at the wheel and accidents,

it makes you continue driving safely😄😄