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If you have read our last posting,

you might know this week’s subject already because of my spoiler…


This week’s introduction is for a new Lapin, which is a SUZUKI’s Kei car.

Not only reservations with SK class,

but there is also a chance to rent this car with Free class reservations.

And today, let me introduce this lovely car to you!


*Please note that Hokkaido Expressway Pass is not available with Kei Car.

If you are considering to use HEP, please make a reservation except for SK class or Free class.



The looks are stylish and fashionable.

The name, Lapin is coming from French meaning Rabbit.

Like the name, its concept “small, round, and adorable” is well expressed to the car.

Also, you might notice that it is targeted to women drivers in Japan.

90.2% of users of Lapin are women, especially it is popular for women in their twenties and thirties.



Perfectly circular headlights are signature of Lapin.

In this picture, it is hiding a rabbit which is a motif of the car. Did you find it?


It makes easy to small turns, and drive easy to roads in downtown.

Not only mint color, we have prepared many variations for color such as beige, brown, and pink.


The driving seat has good sitting comfort and spacious space.

Its interior is based on light color, it matches well with Lapin’s concept.


The interior has designed for concept “My room”,

it makes feel relax, and cozy.


The instrument panel is designed basic and simply,

but even original-designed meter and multi-information display have equipped.



The back seats are also spacious even with an installed child seat.

Even next to the child safety seat, it is enough to sit an adult with a small hand-carry bag.



Round taillights and car name emblem are adorable as Lapin’s name.

Also, it is adapted with eNe-CHARGE system which uses a high-efficiency.



Let’s check the boot space!


Lapin’s boot space could be fit 1 carry-on size luggage.

Size for boot space is about length 410 mm and width 900 mm.



Also, back seats are able to fold down, please arrange seats for your purpose.

If 3 persons need to sit, you can fold down half of the back seat only.



It is a specially designed flower-shaped tire-wheel caps for Lapin.

Oh, I found another rabbit!



This is the key to Lapin. (the key is adorable too!)

Please do not leave your car with the key left inside and be careful of the loss of it.



It might have a chance to drive this lovely new car!

We look forward to your new reservation!