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You may know that Hokkaido's dairy products are famous even in Japan.😄

There are many restaurants that make use of the fresh ingredients…

Today, I would like to introduce you to Lake Hill Farm, which is very famous for gelato!

Of course, it's a place with lots of charm other than gelato, so I hope you like it.😘


※Introducing places visited before the outbreak of Covid19 or during the Go To travel campaign.

Therefore, the information may differ from the current situation.




Lake Hill Farm is located near Lake Toya, one of the must-see sightseeing spot in Hokkaido.

The main building has a cafe and a gelato shop where you can enjoy delicious food

and enjoy the beautiful nature behind the building.


Mt. Yotei seen from Lake Hill Farm.

Even though it was cloudy weather, I was satisfied to see the wonderful mountain.

On the wide grass field, many families played catch ball and frisbee.


Especially, many animals are stars of this farm!

I met lovely rabbits,


a miniature horse,

(He could bite person, so I couldn't get closer😂)


and celeb goat named YUKI looking happy!

But I couldn't meet milk cows😂(Maybe the timing wasn't good…)

It seems that the cows are free to spend their time in the pasture

except for milking in the morning and evening in the summer.✨


Blueberries still early to harvest...

In August, you can enjoy a blueberry harvest experience.


It's a place where you can relax just by sitting and looking at the scenery.


Cheeses and jams are also on sale!


I ordered "Makiba Gelato" that is the most famous item here!

There are more than 20 flavors, and the flavors may change depending on the season.

I chose two flavors, mille-feuille and blueberry milk.😋

It was a gelato that felt full of the taste of ingredients, rich milk flavor, and elastic texture of gelato.


The Silo observatory deck of Lake Toya is placed nearby, so I visited here too.

It was really a short drive away, so please be sure to use it as a reference

when planning your trip with World Net Rent-A-Car.✨


Lake Hill Farm
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