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Hokkaido Food Trip ~KUMACHAN ONSEN~|World Net Rent-A-Car

Hokkaido's winter is coming very close…

And in the coming cold season, I want hot pot dishes!

Hot pot is easy to cook at home, so someone won't choose it to eat out.

But, the place I'm going to introduce today is a place worth eating out!


"KUMACHAN ONSEN", where you can eat a slightly unusual hot pot

that is served as a hot pot for one person,

as if a very cute bear is immersed in a hot spring😋

I went directly to check why it is a hot topic on social media!



"Kumachan Onsen" is about a 3-minute walk from Sapporo Susukino Station.

The three stories building has reception and checkout counter on the first floor,

and dining areas on the second and third floors.


A lot of bears(KUMA) are waiting for you😍


It was able to eat while enjoying the night view of Susukino.


Let's take a look at the menu.


All shabu-shabu menus are served for one person.


How to order is,

Step 1

Choose main ingredients.

I ordered "Tokusen Menkoi Nabe".

It includes beef, pork, and chicken.


Step 2

Choose soup stock.

And the color of Kuma-chan is decided here!

◆Brown color Bear(Bonito Broth・Chicken collagen)

◆White color Bear(Soy Milk・Miso)

◆Orange color Bear(Tantan-Chinese spicy soup・Korean Gochujang-chili paste)


Step 3

Choose finishing meal.

You can choose from Boiled dumplings, Ramen, and Korean tteok(rice cake).


If it's not enough, we can order more.


After finishing ordering, let's take some dipping sauce.

There are so many sauces and you can make your own combinations,

but my personal recommendation is Hachimitsu(Honey) Lemon sauce.


A few moments later…


A lot of veggies...

I was glad to plenty of fresh vegetables😊


Beef, pork, chicken, and even a chicken ball.

It looks so delicious!


And... finally Kuma-chan came out❤

I chose Chicken collagen soup, a brown bear.

It is hardened collagen soup in the shape of a bear, so it melts with heat.


Ok, All the ingredients are ready.

Let's turn on the induction and enjoy the meal.


You can enjoy it by your own way.

Step 3 was Boiled dumplings!


For the last, I ordered an additional dessert.

Kuma-chan Monaka Ice cream.

There are 3 flavors that Vanilla, Matcha, and black sesame.

I've enjoyed dinner very much.😋



Kuma-chan Onsen,

it was a Hokkaido hot pot restaurant where you can eat lovely, delicious, and warm dishes. 



KUMACHAN ONSEN 北海道めんこい鍋 くまちゃん温泉

Address:4-1-10 Minami 6Jo Nishi Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0806 Hokkaido


LUNCH for Sat, Sun(11301500)

Open throughout the year