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KIRSCHE macaron and sweets shop|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today's topic is, about the first macaron shop in Sapporo!

They are selling unique macarons looks like fatcarons in Korea!


As the name implies, Fatcarons (it’s “Ttungcaron” in Korean) are “fat macarons”.

Each Fatcaron is overloaded with filling and its taste is usually unconventional,

and twice as thicker than a regular macaron, is made in a design that reflects the flavor.


It is KIRSCHE, a hotspot on social media that sells macarons like Ttungcarons even in Sapporo!



Up to 2 cars can be parked in front of the shop.

I heard that there was a TV program shooting on that day. It will become more famous...


The inside of the shop is all very small, as you can see in the picture.

Please note that there is no eating space.


There were prepared 11 different flavors.

It seems that the flavors may change from time to time

because I could not find the Vanilla and Yuzu flavors that were checked in advance.


I ordered 8 flavors this time!

In order from the top, Lotus biscuit and Cream cheese, Brulee, Matcha, Oreo

Tiramisu, Strawberry Milk, Earl Grey, and Kinako(bean powder).


The price is a little expensive since it is 400 yen per piece,

but that thicker filling makes more richer taste.✨


Also filling is not sweet as not my imagination,

so it makes me eating more and more…


Ice cream with coque macaron  can be enjoyed with is on sale from 13:00.

It's for my next visit!


If you want to enjoy it by more reasonable prices,

imperfect macarons can be good substitute.


KIRSCHE, macaron and sweets shop in Sapporo!





Address:20-2-21 Nishimachikita Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Opening hours:AM11:00~PM15:00 ※close when running out of stock

Closed:Sun, national holiday