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Leaf peeping in Jozankei, and Lake Sapporo with driving!|World Net Rent-A-Car

There are many sightseeing spots for leaf peeping in Hokkaido,

and especially Jozankei is one of the popular places in autumn

since it is close to Sapporo downtown and is famous for nature view.



Jozankei Onsen town, overlooking from the Jozankei Ōhashi Bridge


Trees dyed in golden color on the left and right of the Toyohira River

Jozankei at this time is really beautiful...


Walking to Onsen town is good,

but if you rent a car, we recommend to drive to Jozankei Dam and Lake Sapporo,

which is very beautiful at this time of year.


This view is from the Lake Sapporo 1st Observatory,

where takes about 10 minutes from Jozankei Onsen town by car.

There are 4 observatories on Lake Sapporo, and there are parking lots and toilets.


Lake Sapporo is a multipurpose dam that provides Sapporo citizens with a stable supply of water

and uses the head of water to generate electricity.


The 4th observatory goes up this stairs from the parking lot.


The white birch trees that represent Hokkaido are also dyed in beautiful colors.

We recommend the mountains and Lake Sapporo, which are dyed with autumn leaves, with your rental car.


After driving to Lake Sapporo, I went 'Ameno hito yukino hi' for gelato!

During this season, the cafes in Jozankei are quite crowded,

so it is recommended that you have plenty of time.


If you are also interested in walking in Jozankei, please refer to the previous posting.


Lake Sapporo 1st ~ 4th Observatory

Address:8 wards, Jozankei, Minami-ku, Sapporo

Winter traffic restrictions:Early November ~ mid-April, 19:00 - 7:00 Closed at night

Parking Lot:Free