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TOYOTA ALLION|World Net Rent-A-Car

The cherry blossom season has coming in Hokkaido.
It’s the season for having leisure time!
So, there are some customers thinking about travelling in Hokkaido by a rental car.
“What options are equipped on rental cars basically?”
“What is the travel distance/ mileage?” and so on…
You have some parts that you are concerned about…

So, this time we will introduce our highly recommended, leading product. ☆

This is the popular TOYOTA ALLION!

You can rent it from 5,000 yen per day!

Note:This is a price as of September, 2018.

Wide indoor space☆

You can enjoy a comfortable drive♪

We prepare a car with a short traveling distance(^^♪

If you connect your iPod and smartphone,

you can enjoy driving with your favorite music. (^◇^)

The inside of the car will be a little Karaoke Box?!

The car navigation system is standard equipment,

so the first-time user can drive with an easy mind♪

We tend to open the purse easily on a journey.

Moreover there are many attractive souvenirs,

it might be too much shopping… (^^;

The car has a large trunk room to put two large suitcases, or three small suitcases.

If you leave your luggage at the hotel,you can put many souvenirs neatly into the trunk. (^^♪

Please enjoy a comfortable trip in Hokkaido by our rental car. ♪