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In order to drive safely in winter②|World Net Rent-A-Car

Recently, Hokkaido is too cold, and snowing almost everyday…❄❄

BUT, there have been held many kinds of winter festival

from all over the place of Hokkaido even though freezing cold like this,

so it's cold outside, but I just can't be at home🎉🎉

It has been held already from 25 January,

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival which is close to Chitose,

and SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival which is close to Asahikawa.

(↑This is the picture of SOUNKYO Ice Fall Festival

when I had visited 3 years ago 💦💦)


In addition, Sapporo Snow Festival which has reported by this staff blog every years,

will be held from next week, 4 February!✨✨

(Tsudome which is the second venue will be held 31 January!)


Of course, we will introduce this year also,

please look forward to it!!


This time is 「In order to drive safely in winter」 Second part!

We will introduce for driving on expressway!

It is for driving expressway safely which would be used many tourists,

please check the previous posting together!



★Always drive with great care and with possible dangers in mind


・Driving next to a large vehicle 

When you drive next to a large vehicle such as a truck,

it may cause lose sight for a moment by snow dust.

Get down speed and drive safely.


・Before curves

Driving too fast would be danger⚠

Get down speed when before curves,

and do not sudden turning and sudden stops.


・Driving on bridges

Even if not snowed, it could be made to freeze roads by winter winds.

Be careful not to skid. 


・Long downhill stretches

It could increased speed when driving long downhill.

Maintain a constant speed, and sufficient distance between cars.

・Entrance and exit of tunnels

It may occur strong wind and snow dust.

Also, it may be able to freeze roads in tunnels,

please be careful.


・Road conditions in the shade

Pay attention to road conditions in the shade on mountain roads and under the bridges.

These are easy to ice roads due to the low temperature.



For visiting Winter Hokkaido Festivals which will be held, 

of course it is recommended renting a car! (⁰▿⁰)

With comfortable and clean car of World Net Rent-A-Car,

please enjoy driving with safety!!