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Rio de Janeiro Olympic has just began.

A Japan’s first medal was a first gold medal at the swimming competition.

There is about 12 hour time difference,

so it will be the fighting with the lack of sleep for the people watching TV in a real time. (>_<)

Please make sure to take a nap for those who plan to drive.

By the way, a real summer day has began finally.

This week it is the period for the holiday traffic congestion,

so please spend against the heat strokes in the car. (^_^)

This time, we will introduce the popular car, HONDA N-Box. \(^o^)/


This is a cute form as seen from the front side…

which is peculiar to the minicars.




The car is really tall compared with other minicars!


The back door is so large like mini-vans.

So, you can take baggage in and out get on and off easily

and while holding your small child.

In addition, the height is so tall.

So, small children can easily change their clothes

while standing in the space of the back seat??


The sliding door of the left back door can be operated from the driver’s seat.


The meter is a round-shaped analog meter.

It is easy to see.

Please take notice of the right side. (^○^)


Now, it is enlarged(^o^)

This is a newly-arrived new car,

photographed in late June, 2016.

If you have the stock on the day,

you can have a chance to rent a new car.


A side-view support mirror on the passenger’s left side.

If you have it, it will be easy to pull over a car to shoulders??


There is enough room as you can see in the picture.

If the man sits on the back seat,

there is space at your foot and near knees of the back seat.

There is an open space that it doesn’t look like a minicar.


If you don’t fold down the back seat,

you can put two carry-on suitcases. ♪♪


If you fold down the back seat…

Oh, is it a minicar??

You will be surprised at the large trunk space. \(^o^)/

In addition, the car height is so tall.

If you have a light luggage,

it will be OK to stack up your luggage??


Personally, this is my favorite air conditioner equipped

with “Plasmacluster” to clean the air inside of a car. (≧▽≦)

From Spring to Summer a birch pollen floating around

in the air instead of Japanese cedar pollen.

So, it is a good function for those who have an allergy to pollen.





This week it is the period for the holiday traffic congestion,

so drivers must be tired from driving for long hours…

Please take a short break frequently using the Service Area and Parking Area.

Please enjoy your drive with our comfortable car. ( ^^) _U~~