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Hokkaido in Movies and a Drama|World Net Rent-A-Car

Spring has coming in Hokkaido also.

Usually, it is a Golden week holiday season in Japan,

cherry blossoms bloom and a lot of tourists come to the Hokkaido.


I thought I could see this view again in this year…


In the world, the novel corona-virus makes a threat to our normal life,

and most peoples are staying in their home.

So today's topic is for you who have to cancel the Hokkaido trip in this situation.

Let me introduce Movies and a Drama filmed/based in Hokkaido!



The Last Shot in the Bar

An original story based on the “Susukino Detective Series” of novels by Naomi Azuma.

Since episode 3, by following main character's routes,

it makes laughing the person who is watching the movie.

It is not showing only the main street, Susukino,

Hokkaido's many places are shown with cool detective story.


It is set in Susukino in Sapporo as you know in the name of the novel.

The famous signboard 'NIKKA' can be seen in this a red-light district.

Many famous restaurants for Soup Curry, local lamb dishes in Hokkaido called Genghis Khan

place in this area, and a lot of office workers gathered after leaving work at izakaya, BAR, etc.,

so it is a place crowded after dinner.




In a time slip called "revival," a unique story of chasing a murderer by 10 years old students is

gained huge popularity in Japan.

Since the comic books, it remade to TV animation, a Movie, and a Drama.

But it is the only one that has been remade after the conclusion of the original comic,

and is said to have reproduced the original quite well.

It is Netflix original series, but if you have a good opportunity, I highly recommend it.

Filming took place in Tomakomai-city, Hokkaido.

Since the main story is set in 1988, it does not reflect the flashy town,

but you could feel the quiet cityscape of Hokkaido.

Lake Utonai, the location of the drama MOTHER, is also placed nearby.



 If Cats Disappeared From the World

Cats in the title are not the main story.

It is talking about the importance of things around us

and the reason for their existence.

The story is centered on death, it is not a movie that can be enjoyed by the family,

but it may be good to watch it alone in the room or as a lover.

Filming took place in Hakodate-city, Hokkaido.

The cityscape of Hakodate and the scenery of a small beach are very beautiful,

and each scene is used to express the emotion of the main character.

As one of the first Japanese harbor cities to be opened to international trade after the country's era of isolation,

so a lot of Western-style buildings and Christian facilities remain.

And now, Hakodate is the most attractive city in Japan,

such as the night view, which is a specialty of Hakodate.



Happy Happy Bread

Overall, the movie seems to portray only a warm, happy, and joyful atmosphere.

Since there is no big confrontation or narrative, the storyline is not special,

but it is the same movie as 'Campagne' that is being talked about in the movie.

It will make you want delicious bread when you watch it,

so I recommend you prepare it in advance😁


Filming took place in Lake Toya, Hokkaido.

A huge lake, an observatory overlooking the lake, and a lot of cozy cafes are placed in there.

It is also recommended to take a sightseeing cruise and go around the lake.

Hotels near Lake Toya, why don't you stay overnight or enjoy the day trip bath?



Love Letter

Was it a bit too obvious?

Even though it is a 1995 movie,

 I couldn't leave it out because it had the power to make me watch it again and again.

It is a famous story that the climax scene is Nagano instead of Hokkaido,

but still I love Hokkaido especially when I watch this movie.

Filming took place in Otaru-city, Hokkaido.

There are many representative images

such as Otaru canal, Otaru Music box Museum, and glass studios.

It is not too far from Sapporo city, and it has many unique and special facilities.

In addition, it makes happy even your stomach

with fresh sushi restaurants, sweet and delicious dessert shops.



I'm going to stay in my home and enjoy the Hokkaido trip

in front of the screen this week,

but we hope to report Hokkaido's many places on this page again soon!

Also, I will like to introduce many other movies and dramas in the background in Hokkaido,

so please look forward to the sequel!