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Hokkaido Food Trip ~Maruyama Pancake~|World Net Rent-A-Car

In Hokkaido, you could find a lot of dessert shops

because it is famous and delicious of Milk and flour🍮🍴

And, most peoples might have had an experience

that is giving up famous and want-to-go places because it is off their path of the trip.


Well, today’s recommended shop is, placed in Sapporo city!

Let me introduce “Maruyama Pancake” to you as a recommended dessert shop,

which is close to the famous sightseeing spots as follows Maruyama Park, Maruyama Zoo and Hokkaido Shrine!


I heard it is always lined up even before opening the shop.

But when I arrived at 11:10 am, I could get into the shop and order the menu.

I think because it was still cold outside.  

At 11:50, it was full tables and had taken much time for baked pancakes up,

so it would be better to take your time when you go to the shop.



There was a parking lot though it was not spacious.

The right side of the parking lot is a specified parking areas for this shop.

Please do not park your car at a place non-specified spaces.


Lovely and instgrammable dessert shop✨


There is a seasonal menu, and thought about this menu,

but we ordered “Angel’s Pancake” and “White Pancake”

All the menus are 1,500 yen (including tax) with drink.



The Angel’s pancake🥞 had a wonderful flavor of the special syrup that came out together,

it was not too sweet and could be eaten with syrup as you like.

The White pancake🥞 had a lot of sliced butter and condensed milk,

the sweetness of condensed milk and the flavor of butter had a well-balanced taste.



All pancakes had a surprisingly fluffy, softy, and creamy.

As for size, it was huge than my expectation, and it couldn’t be eaten as a dessert.

At the first time, I tried to eat with a fork and knife,

but I realized that it doesn’t need to use knife because it was just like melted.


This is “Milk Strawberry Pancake” which is a seasonal and limited quantity on the day menu.

I took a long time to order because I saw it being taken to the next table.

It's really lovely, isn’t it?

(Photo by Maruyama Pancake Facebook)

I can’t wait to next visiting!


After you go to sightseeing around Maruyama Park,

how about enjoying fluffy and delicious pancakes at the “Maruyama Pancake”!



 Maruyama Pancake 円山ぱんけーき

【Address】18 Chome-2-19 Minami 4 Jo Nishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo

【Business hours】11:0018:30

【Regular holiday】Every Wednesday, please check the information of FB