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Hokkaido Food Trip ~Hyosetsu No Mon~|World Net Rent-A-Car

Hi everyone!

Do you like Crab?🦀🦀

I guess many peoples say Yes” for this question.


Crab dishes are very popular in Hokkaido,

there are many crab restaurants even in the Sapporo,

so you could go anytime when you want to go to the crab restaurant.

(but money is a different problem…💦)


But, this restaurant we introduce today must be booked in advance!

I was able to make a reservation this restaurant which is really popular

that is always full and hardly difficult to enter to the restaurant on the day!

Let me introduce the crab restaurant,

"Hyosetsu No Mon" in Susukino, Sapporo!


It is placed at center of Susukino and takes 4 minutes

from JR Namboku Line Susukino Station on foot.

There are some places for contracted parking lots, and it is free to park for 2 hours.

For the information, please check here.


I made a reservation for a private room.

Nice Japanese style room, and you could fully enjoy the course menu.


I ordered “Premium 3 types crab course”.

It was able to enjoy King crab, Snow crab, and Hair crab in different dishes.

In addition, there are many types coursed such as King Crab Course,

One whole special Live hair crab course and etc.


First of all, they showed us for a Live Hair crab.

It will be served as a steamed dish later.

It looked so fresh and delicious..


Appetizer Steamed egg with King crab and asparagus


Sashimi King Crab, Snow Crab sashimi


Warm dishes King Crab Shabu-Shabu 


Gorgeousness of one king crab thickest joint part for a people


Grilled dishes King Crab thickest joint part


Steamed dishes Live hair crab

a Live hair crab for two peoples


Seasonal small dish


Fried dishes king crab, tempura of vegetables


For a meal, it is possible to select in Porridge after meal shabu-shabu or Udon Noodle


Dessert Yuzu sherbet

 I fully enjoyed a meal!

Also it was so happy to make a full of my stomach

with a lot of fresh and delicious crab only.

I was glad that most of the contents were more focused on the taste of the crab itself

than on the crab dishes.

Recommended if you are looking for high quality and delicious crab dishes in Sapporo.



Hyosetsu No Mon 氷雪の門

【Address】2 Chome Minami 5 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo

Phone number(+81) 11-521-3046

Business hours

Lunch Time 11001500

Order stop 1400


Dinner Time 16302300

Order stop 2130


Weekday Breaktime 15001630

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are opened 11002300


【Regular Holiday】Open throughout the year

Dinner time open only during 16 March (Mon) ~ 31 March (Tue)

16302200order stop at 2030