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Hill of the Buddha|World Net Rent-A-Car

How was the last posting that is introduction of Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park?

Today, I'm gonna introduce Takino Makomanai cemetery 

where is close to Takino park by a car, and a uncommon sightseeing place!

Someone might be surprised because here is cemetery

but also looks like a unique park!


From the entrance, it doesn't look like as usual park.

The blue sky in Hokkaido with statues of Moai…

In addition, there are having all different looks.

I recommend to check the difference with your own eyes.


Although Buddha statues are common in the cemetery,

but also there are Moai and Manicha in Tibet,

so the convergence of these various elements makes them look like an unusual park.


Actually, I came to visit there a little later than the popular season…😅


When Summer, it is a very famous place with a lot of lavenders

and a Buddha statue that only looks at the head🌷🌷

If I had visited earlier, view would have looked like the picture above…


It was still worth visiting

because I wanted to see the Hill of the Buddha designed by Tadao Ando, a global architect.


On a very clear day of autumn,

the building where harmony with nature was felt were especially impressive in water and light.

By detouring around the Water Garden instead of making a straight approach,

he wants to intend that one purifies the soul,

and one's mindset switches from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The view that you see with your own eyes than from the picture would be more impressive.


After passing through a deep and dark tunnel,

you can look up at the Great Buddha.

From dark, to Bright place, this contrast is very special.


The Big Buddha can be seen for the first time through the tunnel.

The sudden blinded by the sun was also calculated by the architectural design.


Another one from a different angle📸

Regardless of religion, I was impressed by the Great Buddha whose made me humbled only by its existence,

and a building designed with that in mind.


If you want to visit here with the Takino Suzuran Park,

driving is recommended!🚗💨💨

Please enjoy your trip in Hokkaido with your time spent effectively

with a clean car at a great deal on World Net Rent-A-Car!