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Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku|World Net Rent-A-Car

The temperature is getting lower and lower in November🍁

It is already late than usual year, but finally,

this week seems to be snow in Sapporo❄

Therefore, we need to be more careful about our body condition

especially when changing seasons.


So, for your health care, what do you do usually?

Personally, I do drinking warm water, or tea even though in summer

since I heard that warm water similar than body temperature is good💧

So actually I am a little bit sensitive to the taste of water…


This time, I'm gonna introduce to tasty water in Hokkaido.

It is Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku which is famous for the clean water and selected by

Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters」in Japan!


Fukidashi Park is a place where rain and snow melting water from Mt. Yotei is filtered

and flows out over a long period of time while adding underground minerals.

That spring water is flowing out 80,000 tons a day!

It is one of the largest amount in Japan,

and the water temperature is almost unchanged at around 6.5 ° C throughout the year,

so it is a special place where spring water that is cold in summer and flowing without freezing in winter.


from here, you can drink and draw water.

Of course I also drank water and took it home.

It was so fresh and good.


The water is mellow and easy drinking that is good to Japanese food, coffee, tea and etc.,

it seems that the chef come to draw water from here👨‍🍳

Also I saw many visitors came by a car full of containers in the trunk,

and taking water in that container.


Not only spring water, there is ordinary but beautiful park near by parking lot.

Wow, the maple tree is so wonderful…


I looked up the stairs in the park.

It was hard exercise…💦💦


I was already run out when I reached at top of this park…

But the sights was unbelievable.


There were selling coffee, sake, and japanese sweets made of the water in here☕


You can have some coffee, jellied coffee, snacks and even Jingiskan(Japanese lam and vegetable dish)

at「Michinoeki(roadside station) Meisuinosato-Kyogoku」!

 In addition, if you don't have anything to take water,

they are selling containers at here😀😀


Next to the Michino eki, there is a bridge.

It is connected to the other side of parking lot…


 But I recommend to across the bridge

that the sight of park seen from the top of the bridge was also nice.


You can also walk down the path next to the bridge!

With drinking coffee, why don't you feel the nature of Hokkaido!


A group of wild ducks floated on the pond made by spring water🦆🦆🦆

(Don't worry about that it is on the opposite side of the spring where you can drink water)

The whole area is designated a Fukidashi park / environmental green protection area,

and it seems that the residents in Kyogoku are making various efforts to keep the water quality clean🚭🚯


I was also able to meet the 33 Kannon statues in the park.


At the first time, I thought chipmunk did this🐿 

Who made wishes for by collecting the acorns that fell from the tree?🌰


Mt. Yotei also called Mt. Ezo Fuji🗻

It can also be seen from the parking lot in the Fukidashi park.

It could be seen a little snow on the top❄❄

Someday snow melt, and after a long time, it will become the spring water of the Fukidashi park😁😁



It is difficult to visit by bus or JR,

but if you use a rental car of World Net Rent-A-Car,

you can travel to Hokkaido very comfortably!

Please check out Fukidashi Park, where you can drink delicious natural mineral water,

with World Net Rent-A-Car🚗💨