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Frequently Asked Questions from overseas|About The Hokkaido Expressway Pass|World Net Rent A Car

Already it has been passed half of April,

the weather became spring in Sapporo🌸🌸

It it totally leisure season in Hokkaido🚗🚗

Biei, Shirahige Waterfalls


It is recommended that using expressway to travel in Hokkaido

where is very huge and big island.

And World Net Rent A Car has prepared Hokkaido Expressway Pass

which is for using expressway with 1 fixed prices by unlimited

for customers from overseas for enjoying travel in Hokkaido.

※NOTE: The price of HEP after 1 Oct 2019 will be raised than above price chart due to consumption tax increase in Japan. 


By paying above price when you pick up the car,

there is no additional charge during the period

even how much use expressway in Hokkaido

So this time, let me introduce about the inquiries of HEP from customers

that is very recommended for Hokkaido travel!


Takikawa, Nanohana Flower Festival


1.Is ETC card fee separately charged?

When using HEP, ETC card comes with HEP fee.

However, if you don’t use HEP, we are afraid that we don’t rent ETC card only.

In this case, please prepare ETC card by yourself.


New Chitose Airport


2. I want to rent HEP. What should I do?

Please contact to reservation center with your reservation number and request.

After we check the stock of HEP on your rental period, we will let you know.

Also, you can apply it at the sales office,

but the stocks of HEP card are limited, so we recommend you to reserve it in advance.



ShakotanShakotan Blue


3.I want to rent HEP less than rental car periods. 

Depending on your plan, there may be a day that didn't use expressway…🤔🤔

We are so sorry🙇🙇

Please rent a car and Hokkaido Expressway Pass for the same period.

Also, please note that after your departure the period of use

cannot be extended midway.


Monbetsu, Drift ice


 4.I made a booking with SK class vehicle(light vehicle). I want to rent HEP.

We are so sorry.

It is only valid for vehicles classified as ordinary passenger cars

according to expressway policies.

Please make a reservation with bigger than SK class vehicle

such as S class(Compact)🙇🙇



With renting a car of World Net Rent A Car and HEP reasonably,

please enjoy Hokkaido Travel!💖💖