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The summer in Hokkaido was said to end when the Obon holiday passed,

but last week there was a day when sudden heat came💦💦

As the weather has changed drastically, please be careful not to get sick.


Today I am going to introduce new car of A class having unique positioning.

Which is a 6 seats minivan, Honda's FREED💖💖


It is a 6 seats minivan,

but also compact size that is easy to drive

even for those unfamiliar with minivans👍👍


It has a slide door on both sides

that is making it convenient for child and elderly to get into the car✨✨


6 separated seats make comfortable driving

to all passengers😁😁


Driver's seat with bright, and wide windshield🚗🚗

In addition, the triangular window on the left and right sides

and the front filler optimised shape,

is further reducing the invisible area in the diagonal direction.


The meter is a type that uses a digital meter and is easy to see.

It is designed wide type and placed higher than steering wheel.


The point is that the arrangement of seats can be varied!

Depending on the arrangement, it can be a relaxing room 🛏💤

or a wide luggage room🧳🧳

I recommend to take a short break at the parking lot

when driving for a long time😊😊


Due to its compact size, the boot space is not large

when using up to the 3rd row seat.


Maybe only a small bag can fit in trunk.


But even if you don't use one of the 3rd row seats,

you can make a wider luggage space,

so it could be a very good car for a family trip of 4-5 people🚗🚗

Moreover, since it is available in sedan class,

there is an opportunity to use it if you make a reservation with a sedan!

(Please note that specifying vehicle is not possible🙇🙇)


Why don't you plan Hokkaido trip with World Net rental car

where you can rent a 6-seat Freed

at a reasonable price in a sedan class?