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Rental car in Fall, Winter season and Studless tire|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today is already the last day of September 2019✨

It is left only 3 months of 2019,

and the winter is coming closer…❄❄


Surprisingly, the first snow of Hokkaido snowed in September⛄

It was so early than every year,

but Mt. Daisetsu is most highest area in Hokkaido

and usually it snows the first snow on end of Sep to early Oct.


For your information, it is the picture of Sapporo…(Date taken: 28 Sep)

I want to believe that the day of snowing first snow is still far😅😅


We are already changing normal tires to studless tires.

It would be still fine to drive with normal tire on normal roads, 

but if you are going to go mountain paths,

please contact reservation center with your reservation number in advance

to arrange a car equipped with snow tires.


So, do you know what is the studless tire?🤔🤔


Studless tire is a type of snow tire that was developed for cars traveling

on snowy roads and frozen roads.


Compared to normal tires, it has been devised to convey driving and braking power to the road more greatly.

Unlike spike tires, tires without studs (spikes) are called studless tires.


Spikes(Studs) Tire


In winter season(December-March), studless tires are standard equipment for all of vehicles for free of charge!

Please feel free to make a reservation😉⭐ 



What is difference of summer tire and studless tire?


The most biggest difference of summer tire(normal tire) and studless is "quality of rubber".


Normal Tire


Studless Tire


Since it is necessary to demonstrate its performance even on harsh winter roads,

it has the property of being able to maintain its suppleness even at low temperatures.

In addition, it has been devised to remove the water film on ice that causes slipping.


Is it necessary to use tire chain?

There are inquiries as above,



Studless tires have been developed how they do not slip in such a road surface

and how to resistant to water of snow and ice by makers.

If it is worn a chain there, the technology of the tire does not work.

In addition, the chain itself has no anti-slip function,

so most people in Hokkaido and Tohoku spend winter with winter tires.



Is this equipped with studless tires?(After departure) 


If you forgot to check your tire at the sales office,

please check it directly🙇🙇

At the studless tire, it is written "STUDLESS".



I want to reserve 4WD car. 

In winter season, customers ask us about reserving 4WD car also.



We are sorry for inconvenience but we do not accept reservation of 4WD car.

There are mixed FWD car and 4WD car in our stocks, 

so we accept your request as high priority

 but we may decline your request depending on the stock situation.

If you have a request of 4WD car, please contact reservation center in advance.


In addition, there is no 4WD car under the HVA class,

we would appreciate your understanding in advance.

If you would like to rent 4WD car, 

please make a reservation except HVA class car. 


Don't overtrust to 4WD

Please don't overtrust 4 Wheel Drive system.

Even though 4WD car, brake performance is same as other drive systems.

Since the body is relatively heavy and the traction is easy to take when starting,

the speed is easily increased, so please operate the brakes carefully🙇🙇



We are preparing all cars equipped with studless tires

at the sales office for the coming winter

so please enjoy a car of World Net Rent-A-Car with confidence!