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For enjoying your driving ~How to play music in the car~|World Net Rent-A-Car

For driving in Hokkaido, music is a must-have!🎵

But, we got many inquiries from customers such as,

"How to play music in the car?"

"What should I prepare?"


So, this time I am going to introduce how to playing music in the car!


I used genuine Toyota GPS

and Eclipse by DENSO TEN✨✨

We have the other models,

but the big difference between these two navigation systems is that it uses Bluetooth to play music,

and it connects to the USB cable to play music.


Either way can be played your favorite playlist on your smartphone,

so it's the most preferred way💖💖


We have the other models of GPS,

we are preparing all cars equipped with either way that is Bluetooth function or USB cable👍👍


Let me check how to play music using Bluetooth function🎵

(Language setting is based on Japanese.)



touch to「ソース選択(select source)」、


and go to「Bluetooth」


It is showing that is not connected any devices😅😅

Touch 「接続(connect)」👆


Please confirm「機器名称(name of device)」and「PINコード(PIN code)」.

When you see this screen, please move to setting screen of your smartphone↓↓


Go to「Setting」of your phone and touch to「Bluetooth(It should be ON)

If it is already「ON」, please turn 「OFF」and turn「ON」again.

Please touch 「機器名称(CAR MULTIMEDIA)」, which is GPS name in available device,

and pair to your smartphone📲


Please touch 「了解(OK)」to switch to Bluetooth connection

from the GPS (on-vehicle device) side (may not be displayed),

and when 「接続しました(connected)」is displayed, touch「完了(Done)」👆


It is a screen when playing music♪

It could make driving fun!


Also let's try to delete the device registered GPS when returning a car🗑


When you touch「MENU」→「ソース選択(select source)」→「Bluetooth」at the GPS…


It shows names of device registered.

Please touch「削除(delete)」👆


It will ask you that "Are you sure delete this device?"

and please touch「はい(Yes)」…


Delete completed!


It may seem complicated and difficult, but it's easy so please try it🔰🔰

If you are familiar with Bluetooth, it will take about 1 minute😀😀


When using USB port, you should take a USB cable for your smartphone directly,

but it is more easier than connecting Bluetooth.

When the GPS is Eclipse model…

the USB port / AUX cable is usually in the glove box.


To using USB cable you take it, please connect to your smartphone.

(If your phone is Android, we recommend to connect AUX cable.)


Please touch 「AV+ナビ」in GPS👆


And please touch「iPod」in AV👆

When using AUX cable, please touch「外部入力(external input)」.


The music is playing♪


We cannot guarantee / specify the car with the equipment you want,

but any car can be supported if you take your smartphone and its USB cable together!

Please enjoy your driving fun

with the car of World Net Rent-A-Car!🚗🚗🎵