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Facelifted MAZDA2|MAZDA|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today is for introduction of new Mazda2!

Previously known as the Demio in Japan, 

it has been changed the car name to Mazda2 in Japan also,

and made some minor changes.


Not just a name, let's check with me an update of Mazda2 and its attraction!



It inherits some design traits from the gorgeous new Mazda3,

it has revealed a sculpted form that is simple yet rich.


For the new model Mazda has applied a light facelift to the exterior design,

with new front and rear bumper bars giving it a wider and more prominent stance.

The front view is varied depending on how the light is received and the viewing angle.


Even Soul Red Crystal that is one of representative color of Mazda can be met at World Net Rent-A-Car!

We also have prepared for color such as Black and White Pearl.(Colors cannot be specified)


With seats that fit comfortably for all passengers,

levers and switches that are easy to operate, convenient storage space and luggage room,

the interior space makes daily driving even more enjoyable.


By adopting MZD Connect, the Mazda2 now supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

With operating your smart phone, it can be possible many things such as sending and receiving messages,

listening music, and finding your destination on the map.

For iPhone, voice control is possible by Siri.

※Some device not supported.

※USB cable is necessary for connecting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto.


There are DVD player, SD card connector, USB ports, accessory socket and etc. under the air conditioner,

but please note that it cannot be used DVD player for preventing car accident.

USB ports can also be used to charge your phone.


The back seats are also flexible, soft and comfortable to sit on.


There is enough space in the trunk to hold 2 items the size of the average carry-on luggage.


It is left and right integral backrest.


You have a chance to rent a new Mazda2 with World Net Rent a car!

We look forward your reservation!