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Events of winter Hokkaido in 2020|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today is the last business day of 2019.

How was your 2019?

We thank you for watching our blog always.

We would like to continue to introduce you to the various pleasures of Hokkaido

along with my personal activities next year.


Well, do you have a plan for the Hokkaido trip or vacation already?

Today, let me introduce about events of winter Hokkaido in 2020,

why don't you make a plan with a rental car?



Otaru Snowstory festival

1st Nov 2019(Fri)~ 16th Feb 2020(Sun)


Illuminations that is made winter felt romantic.

Only during this season, Otaru Canal specially equipped with 10,000 blue LEDs.

The most recommended time is after sunset when the sky is still blue.

With the blue for illuminations, it makes Otaru Canal more special and fantastic. 

During the period, the canal cruises also wear blue illuminations and tour the canals.



Sapporo Snow Festival

4th Feb 2020(Tue) ~ 11th Feb 2020(Tue)


(It is the picture in 2019)

About 1.5 km of snow and ice world will appear in Odori Park in central Sapporo.

Huge snow sculptures and ice rink, Hokkaido's foods, events and etc., there are many contents to enjoy!

Don't forget to watch the projection mapping which is very famous in every year.



Chitose, Sikotsuko Hyoutou Matsuri

24th Jan 2020(Fri) ~ 16th Feb 2020(Sun)


It is one of Hokkaido's representative winter festivals,

filled with various ice objects made by the frozen water of Lake Shikotsuko with a sprinkler.

It glows in its natural blue color called Shikotsuko Blue during the day and colorful light-up at night,

creating a dreamy world.

During the festival period, various events such as fireworks and weddings are held,

and the shop sells original products, hot drinks and food.



Goryo Hoshi No Yume

1st Dec 2019 ~ 29th Feb 2020


A special historic Goryokaku featuring star-shaped castle ruins.

A dreamlike illumination that can only be seen in winter is "Hoshino Yume".

The 1.8 kilometer area around Goryokaku Castle is decorated with about 2,000 light bulbs,

and you can only see the white snow and the sparkling stars at night.

It is recommended to look down from the Goryokaku Tower Observation Deck (admission fee required).

Blue after sunset and black at night.

Why don't you watch the stars change over time?



Asahikawa Winter Festival

6th Feb 2020(Thu)~ 11th Feb 2020(Tue)


It is a famous event for enormous snow sculptures.

Many snow sculptures produced by citizens will be exhibited,

and it is wonderful of a lights-up view at night.

Various events will be held, as well as fireworks. (Please check the schedule.)

The World Ice Sculpture Competition will be held at the Heiwa Dori Kaimono Park near Asahikawa Station,

where ice artworks will be illuminated fantastically.

It will be held on February 6th(Thursday) to 8th(Sat),

and the exhibition will be held until 11th Feb(Tues and holidays).

In addition, before and after the festival, events such as elementary schools, middle schools,

and village associations in the city will be held also.



It is in the winter of Hokkaido, of course, I couldn't introduce all events on this page…

We will continue to introduce you to this blog, including numerous winter events,

foods from Hokkaido, and car-related information.

Thank you for your continuous support

and we look forward to seeing you in 2020 also!