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Enjoying colorful Japanese food and Japanese dessert in the old folk house cafe "Kamada Saryo"|World Net Rent-A-Car


From today, it is the beginning of March.

Of course, Hokkaido is still winter😁

These days are full of cloudy skies and blizzards,

but today I would like to introduce a shop that serves beautiful Japanese food that is feel fresh just by looking!



The place introduced today is "Kamada Saryo"

It is a Japanese style cafe near Maruyama Park, which is a renovated old folk house.

I went for lunch this day.


There is a cafe at the end of such a narrow road.

Please be careful not to pass by😅


The cafe is a 2-story building, and this time they gave me a table on the 2nd floor.


The building is renovating an old folk house with a history of 80 years.

The interior has a calm atmosphere with a retro feel of the warmth of wood.


This time I visited after making a reservation for the menu,

lunch-only "Maruyama Special Teori Zushi (2,530 yen, tax included)" in advance.


Various ways to eat Teori zushi are written on the back of the menu.

I'm already excited!


Obanzai is limited quantity per day, so it is recommended to make a reservation one week before your visit.

Even if you want other menus and desserts, it may be full if you visit without reservation on the day.


I had a reservation, so the meal came out immediately.

It looks very beautiful and delicious!


I took it from a closer distance.

All of them were in good condition and I was wondering which one to start with.


Let me introduce only a part of the dish.

Obanzai may change depending on the season.

(Obanzai (おばんざい) is a traditional style of Japanese cuisine native to Kyoto.)

Simmered sweet pumpkin


Mashed potatoes made by Hokkaido potato

Looks like Japanese sweets


Kamada's omelet, carrot with honey mustard, sweet potato simmered in lemon


Fried eggplant with garlic chips


Soy sauce jelly

Eat it with meat or fish


Cucumber flower miso mayonnaise, lotus root kinpira with zucchini


Carrot and radish


Vinegared rice of Hokkaido blended rice


Three types of meat in the foreground

Roasted duck meat, chicken breast with yuzu pepper dressing, prosciutto ham with Perilla leaf & cream cheese roll

Maruyama Teori zushi(not special one) does not include these three types of meat.


Besides, tempura,


and Chawanmushi is also served.


Each dish was very delicious.

But, I recommend to try making Teori zushi also❤

Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber flowers and miso mayonnaise, basil sauce


Sea bream, carrot with honey mustard, wasabi, soy sauce jelly

Please try your own deliciousness and find your own combination!


There is no staff on the 2nd floor.

Ring this cute angel's bell when you call the staff.

Vinegared rice and seaweed are free to charge❤


It was perfect until the last dessert!

Hot hojicha and ice cream are served together.

Hojicha can be changed to coffee for +200 yen.

It was a very luxurious and delicious lunch!


If you come by car, you can park for free for 1 hour at the coin parking on the left.

The path indicated by the arrow on the right is the Kamada Saryo.

If you want to eat a wide variety of fashionable sushi made mainly from Hokkaido ingredients,

please visit with the car of World Net Rent-A-Car!



かまだ茶寮 円山

Kamada saryo Maruyama


Opening hours:11:00~17:00(L.O 16:30)

※For the time being, the business will be shortened. 11:00~15:00(L.O 14:30)

Closed:Monday(Open on Mondays and public holidays, closed the next day)


かまだ茶寮 月虹

Kamada saryo Tsukiniji

Opening hours:18:00~22:00 LO21:30


In the evening, it is open as Kamada Saryo Tsukiniji.

The menu composition and price are different.