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Animal Farm and beautiful garden "Ecorin Village"|World Net Rent-A-Car


This time, I went to Ecorin Village where I can meet beautiful gardens and lovely animals together!

Located in Eniwa, it takes less than 1 hour away from Sapporo or Chitose.

Especially if you are using New chitose Airport, how about visit on the first or last day of your trip?


There are free areas and paid areas,

but I would like to introduce paid areas this time😊


Admission fees include Ginga(galaxy) gardens and Animal Farm 'Midori no Makiba'.


Ginga Gardens


The Galactic Garden is a garden with thirty differently themes on a large 10ha site

designed by landscape architect Bunny Guinness.

From spring to autumn, you can see all different beautiful nature in every season. (Closed from November to March)

When I visited, it was the season of full bloomed dahlia.😊 


I couldn't take my camera off from my hands with various themes…💗


These themes made me feel that I was in fantasy movies!😁






If you get hungry while looking around here, I recommend this restaurant.

"Forest restaurant Ten-Man" is available without entering the paid area.


It's a beautiful restaurant that seems to appear in anime or fairy tales.


I ordered a dry curry plate using the pork "Konayuki Tonton" from Ecorin Village.🐖

A drink bar and mini dessert are included for lunch orders.

The vegetables were also fresh, and the curry was full of pork's umami savoriness.


I ordered a freshly baked apple pie by addition.

It takes a little time since it is baked from the dough (about 30 minutes).

The hot, crispy pie pastry and sweet apple jam with ice cream harmony was perfect🍎


There is an ice cream that is highly recommended at the entrance of the Ginga Garden.🍦


Lovely alpaca shaped icecream!

Not only the shapes, it is an icecream from Date Bocca farm,

the flavor was very rich and creamy.

Only Alpaca icecream and milk flavor icecream is selling at the Ginga garden,

there are honey flavor, tomato flavor, and rose flavor icecreams at the Welcome center!



Midori No Makiba


You can meet Llamas, alpacas, goats and miniature horses.


Animals that didn't look at me easily…

The sheep were taking a walk in a very distant pasture.


Let's join the farm tour!

The farm tour takes you on the vehicle above, which runs every 20 minutes,

and goes around the Ginga garden.

The tour departs and arrives at the Midori no Makiba area.

The tour is free when entering paid areas.


I was able to find places I had missed by voice guidance

and see special scenery that I could not see just by taking a walk.


After the farm tour, it was time to start the sheepdog show at the Midori no Makiba.🐕

On this day, 'Drum' the NZ Huntaway and 'Albi' the Border Collie went on the show.


The dog in the foreground is Albi!

Even though he looked calm in the photo, he was surprisingly sweet and energetic.

You are so cute!


But Drum and Albi, who guide the sheep well according to the handler's instructions,

looked very smart!

Not only simple movements, they could give instructions such as running, walking, entering designated gates...

Also, Huntaway and Border Collie have different styles of skills and it was also fun to compare.


【Midori no Makiba show operating hours】

11:00〜 ② 13:00〜 ③ 15:00 

It may be canceled without notice in case of weather situation or depending on the condition of animals.




There's such a beautiful garden and a place to meet so many animals near Sapporo and Chitose!

How about visiting the Ecorin Village with a clean car from the World Net Rent-A-Car?



Ginga gardens & Animal Farm 'Midori no Makiba' 


Business hours 09:30〜17:00(April〜September)/ 09:30〜16:00(October)

Admission fees

Adult 1,200 yen  Jr. HS Student 600 yen

Over 65 1,000 yen Helper of a person with disabilities 600 yen

One Adult fee includes 5 children for free

Address Hokkaido, Eniwa, Makiba, 277−4 061-1421