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Easy Booking on the net ~Rakuten Travel ~|World Net Rent-A-Car

In the last blog, I introduced “the warm season of getting a bit sweaty”,

but the chilly days still have continued since last week???

Last week the annual festival was held at Hokkaido-jingu Shrine(Sapporo Festival)

In recent years, it is not favored by the weather (As far as I know…)??

Common stories among the people of Hokkaido.

(Maybe it only may apply to the stories around me)

There is a saying, “if we have good weather during the YOSAKOI Soran Festival,

it will be a bad weather in Sapporo Festival”.

The jinx was right in this year…

To prove that I am not a liar, in this week it is getting warmer.

However, it is still cold in the morning and evening,

so we recommend you to regulate your body temperature by putting a light jacket.

Well, let’s get back on the track…

We will introduce how to book on Rakuten Travel right away.

Actually, we have many inquiries about Rakuten Travel.

For example, “Why it is so cheap?? You might be renting only used cars??

Of course, the answer is “NO”.

We have the same car class the same as the one booked by the phone. ( ^^) _U~~

Depending on the timing of reservation, we have valuable plans.

You will get surprisingly affordable price, so please check it from here.

Well, please stay with me for a little while before clicking it?

We will introduce how to book a rental car on Rakuten Travel…


When you visit the top page of Rakuten Travel,

please click 【Rental Cars】!

(The above link↑ might be easier…)


Please click 【World Net Rent-A-Carfrom the page of rental cars!

Please scroll down to the bottom page.


Oh! There are many kinds of promotion campaigns.

Please click the 【Book】 button next to the name of promotion campaign.

(It is OK to click the name.)


If you book a car by the date, pick-up location or car type,

please input conditions in the red frame on the left side

 and search with conditions.

If you would like to change the drop-off place(different from the pick-up location),

please check【“Drop-off use.

Well, we will introduce how to book the promotion campaigns this time.


I wrote short notes…(^^ゞ

Like this way,

please check the contents of promotion campaigns and the rental period

(Don’t forget the time!),

and choose the pick-up/return location.

Then please click the “Search” button.

By the way, there is a place to choose AT/AUTOMATIC or MT/MISSION.

Most of our cars are AT/AUTOMATIC vehicle.


The searched plans are displayed,

please click the “Booking” button without hesitating!


The reservation has not been completed~(^^)

If there is no problem with the reservation information,

please click the 【Proceed to the next screen】.

By the way, the plan in this picture includes a Collision Damage Waiver.

There is a promotion campaign without a Collision Damage Waiver.

Before you click the button,

please check carefully whether a Collision Damage Waiver is included or not!!


If you don’t log/sign in the Rakuten account,

the screen shown in the picture will be displayed.

If you don’t have an account and it is very troublesome for you to sign in,

you can call Reservation Center/Customer Service Center.

But, please make sure that you cannot earn the points by booking on the phone.

Then, the screen to enter the personal information will be appeared.

After you confirm the contents, you complete the booking!

If you are busy during the day,

you can book while planning the trip in the night?

When you make a mistake about the rental period, please don’t worry!

Please call our Reservation Center.

Our staff will cancel the reservation. (^_^)

After that, please make a new reservation again on the website.

The reservation change has been completed!

Please enjoy a comfortable drive with the valuable plans of Rankuten Travel.